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Squash Plus have built a prototype all-glass outdoor squash court with an inverted court on top as a weather-proof canopy.

Constructed next to padel courts at a country club in Caceres, western Spain, the outer court structure is built with steel and polycarbonate (250 stronger than normal glass) and features a high impact glass floor with a ‘peaks and troughs’ system to allow water to sit below the surface without affecting grip.

The floor can feature different ‘grades’ producing a higher or lower bounce to suit differing standards of players (although this is not adjustable). Also in development is a tin which can extend to double the regulation height to prolong rallies and make the game accessible to more demographics.

The court is designed for use with any kind of rackets and balls including tennis, padel or squash.

The court is supported by the outside structure so does not need the vertical fins which can obscure spectators’ views of the action on traditional glass show courts
The white colour of the court’s glass walls comes from a film which has a five-year warranty, but the colour can be changed at any time. The standard ceramic frit wall is also an option with multiple colours available.

The project is the brainchild of Lee Witham, president of ProSportCourt which make squash and padel courts under the Squash+ and Padel+ brands that are manufactured in Mérida, Spain. He is also president of ProSportLED, provider of squash court lighting in the US and on the PSA Tour.

“We’ve used an available spot of land which is very hot in summer and very cold at night in winter, so it’s the perfect site for testing,” Witham tells Squash Player. “The court has great sound absorption, light diffusion and blocks all UV rays. We’re now building a second court in the factory.

The project has taken a lot of time and effort from everyone involved, but we’re ready now and looking at a price point that most clubs or even squash pros could probably afford and run a business from.”

He adds: “Squash is an amazing game which most people have heard of but never seen, so we need to make it more visible, affordable and fun. If you get that recipe right, the game will get a lift – and it needs one!

“We’re trying to change the game a little bit, to prolong rallies and allow people to experience the thrill of the sport straight away. Having been a coach for 30 years I can see all the problems with squash and why we’re not getting new people into the game. It needs new ideas.”

The court is on sale now and Witham says he has already had interest from Singapore, Australia, USA, Dubai and the UK.

From an interview in Squash Player magazine 2022 Issue 2
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