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The Squash Player

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2023 Issue 2

  • EDITORIAL: How to promote squash – trickle down or bottom up?
  • NEWS: Squash bounces back in England; San Francisco canned, UK Squash Sell-Out; Walter’s Investment.
  • WORLD SQUASH: It all works with commissions.
  • REFEREEING: Squash Player asks PSA the key questions.
  • THINKING INSIDE THE BOX: What are, and what are not the key questions to grow our sport.
  • BRITISH OPEN: Brilliant sporting theatre and Birmingham a new ‘Open’ home.
  • INTERVIEW: Mostafa Asal and his heroes.
    GEAR: It is 100 years up for Dunlop and Paul Coll has a new racket.
  • ON COURT: Performances of the Month; Round up; Rankings; Calendar; News; and Looking Forward.
  • WORKSHOP: News: Kemp turns Kiwi, Mental Training Research, England Squash Awards; Phillip Marlowe on back corner secrets; Drew’s Diagnosis on Ali Farag’s depth; With Cross Court Analytics we look at the British Open stats and find some intriguing facts; Rodney Martin speaks on the coaching ban; Hesham El Attar on developing that all elusive experience; and Jesse Engelbrecht on plugging the leak in your mental bucket.
  • GALLERY: James Zug on a College Centennial, First State Squash’s new home, fitting a court in a lift, and a goodbye to Gordon Lightfoot.




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  • NEWS: Asal’s ban adds a twist in the race to be world no.1; a long goodbye probably to Canary Wharf
  • WORLD SQUASH: There is a new Victorian era for squash, in Australia, and it is 50 years up for European Squash
  • HALL OF FAME: Abou Taleb is inducted into the Squash Player Hall of Fame
  • INTERVIEW: Mostafa Asal tells Ian McKenzie about the pressure that is over-whelming him and his love of football
  • ASAL BAN: Why was the Egyptian prodigy banned? We analyse the evidence
  • INTERVIEW: Former world champion Rod Martin takes a deep look inside his coaching role
  • DUNLOP FEATURE: Squash Player interviews young Dunlop stars Finn Withington and Amina Orfi
  • CLUB & COURT: McCabe support and Lewin Marsden’s enthusiasm add up to a thriving club in Scarborough; ASB’s new outdoor court; Jahangir opens a new centre; Nick Thompson of Melior and ASB team up in the UK
  • GEAR: Reprints of the Jonah Barrington classic ‘The Book of Jonah’ and ‘Jonah: The official biography of Jonah Barrington’ are now available; C-Smash, the new virtual racket game is launched; and Paul Coll gets an Adidas grip.
  • ON COURT: Performances of the Month; Round-up; Rankings; Calendar;
    News; and Looking Forward
  • COMPETITION: Win Joel Markin’s Karakal Raw Pro 2.0 Signature Squash Racket
  • WORKSHOP: News includes: Nick Matthew’s second home; launch of a SquashSkills feature on Jonathon Power; Jesse Engelbrecht’s free mental training success toolkit; Hesham El Attar on ghosting for speed; and Drew’s Diagnosis on Hania El Hammamy’s adaptability
  • GALLERY: James Zug takes a peep behind the scenes at the ToC.


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2022 Issue 4

  • EDITORIAL: We look at the year and the task our expert Panel has in selecting the Award winners.
  • NEWS: Assem Allam passes on and leaves a brilliant legacy.
  • WORLD SQUASH: It is not hit and miss, there is a strategy behind the actions of our lead federation and Squash Player asks what it is.
  • OBITUARY: The great squash writer (scribe) Rex Bellamy passes on.
  • AWARDS: Squash Player announces its Annual Awards.
  • HIGHLIGHTS: The panel of experts pick their Highlights of the Year.
  • STATS & RECORDS: Howard Harding presents the year in Stats and Mike Dale updates the sport’s records.
  • PICS OF THE YEAR: Award winning photographer Nathan Clarke presents his best pics of 2022.
  • FEATURE: Will we be hearing more of Victor Crouin? Most probably, yes! This feature is an ideal place to start.
  • VEGAS: Squash57 joins in the unique 3 wall ball championships in Las Vegas.
  • CLUB&COURT: Outdoors in Luxembourg and at the seaside in Yorkshire.
  • GEAR: Dunlop’s new man and colourful Karakal.
  • ON COURT: Performances of the Month; Round-up; Rankings; Calendar;
    News; and Looking Forward
  • COMPETITION: Win Victor Crouin’s racket, the Dunlop Sonic Core Revelation Pro Lite.
  • WORKSHOP: News; Drew’s Diagnosis on Marwan’s Option Taking; Newton investigates Low Wee Wern’s tenacious battle with injury; Hesham explains ghosting; Engelbrecht explains the mental ingredients underlying consistency; and Ali Farag discusses opponents and attacking opportunities.
  • GALLERY: James Zug peep’s behind the scenes at the US Open.


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2022 Issue 3
Ali’s game revealed in
New Squash Player magazine

  • EDITORIAL: Surprise England junior win; the start of the ‘match followed by dinner’ tradition; and the key question, ‘have we the right ball,’ is asked.
  • WORLD SQUASH: Simon Redfern reports on the World Junior Championships and speaks to new champions Amina Orfi and Rowan Damming.
  • ZUG: Commonwealth Games analysis; doubles; put a pin in it;and accreditation.
  • NEWS: Asal under scrutiny again.
  • RULES POINTS: How will the Asal ‘turning incident’ turn out and what do the rules say
  • RACKETBALL (Squash 57): Simon Redfern speaks to Mark Fuller, the organiser of the successful UK-Racketball series, which reaches a milestone.
  • GAMES: Mike Dale writes about the time of his life at this summer’s Commonwealth Games.
  • PROFILE: Mike Dale meets squash prodigy Anahat Singh.
  • FEATURE: Rod Gilmour on ‘The Making of Gina’.
  • RACKETS: Paul Hargrave reviews the new season’s racket offerings; five top rackets; and ‘The Racket Guide’.
  • GEAR: Dunlop winners; Tecnifibre lifts off with the X-Top; Karakal; PDH joins forces with a new ‘old’ racket; and Prince returns to the natural fit.
  • HISTORY: Dinner with a special theme; 100 years of the Bath Club Cup.
  • ON COURT: Performances of the Month; Round-up; Rankings; Calendar;
    Qatar; Masters; Todd supreme; News; Beachill looking forward.
  • WORKSHOP: News; Drew’s Diagnosis on Gohar’s laser lines; Newton investigates Gawad’s foot pad pain; Hesham analyses energy systems; Engelbrecht explains how to deal with nerves; Marlow reviews squash balls; and Coaches’ Corner with ‘early bird’ Alison Insley.
  • MY GAME: Ali Farag talks about rallying, reading the game, movement and the key pattern he keeps repeating.
  • GALLERY: Mike Dale enthuses about his Commonwealth Games experience and even takes on Mohamed ElShorbagy on court…well, a mini court.



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2022 Issue 2

  • COMMENT: Mike Clemson proposes changes to Masters scoring; Patrick Osborn looks for consistency in Squash57 balls and the editor points out a refereeing rules fiasco.
  • NEWS: Mohamed ElShorbagy follows Peter Nicol’s example and opts to play for England. Comment and criticism follow.
  • WORLD SQUASH: Squash Player meets the new European President Thomas Troedsson.
  • FEATURES: BBC Outside Source presenter Ros Atkins explains why he is a squash enthusiast.
    Nour El Tayeb gets back on the circuit with baby in tow.
  • THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX: Squash57 gets an invite to the outdoor 3WallBall Championships in Las Vegas.
  • COMMONWEALTH GAMES: Defending champions James Willstrop and Joelle King look forward to Birmingham 2022; preview; doubles prospects; and United by Birmingham’s New Street Station spectacular; Guyana prepares.
  • CLUB&COURT: Latest news including the new Squash+ Outdoor court made of glass, steel and polycarbonate.
  • GEAR: Paul Coll signs for Raw Sport, plus new rackets incoming from Head and Tecnifibre.
  • ON COURT: Comment on the mental game; Round-up; Performance of the Month; Rankings analysis; News; Calendar; Looking Forward. British Open and World Championship analysis.
  • WORKSHOP: News, Drew’s Diagnosis on Diego Elias, My Game by Ali Farag, Hesham El Attar on the secrets of ghosting, Jesse Engelbrecht on combating nerves, Phillip Marlowe on boasts and Major Maniam on deception.
  • HISTORY: When James Willstrop said, “I couldn’t ask for the ball to flow of my racket any better.”
  • GALLERY: James Zug on Chicken Soup, Polar Squash and La La Land.


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2022 Issue 1

  • COMMENT: Our editor discusses Ukraine, mid-match coaching and squash’s relationship with racketball.
  • OBITUARY: The life and influence on squash of pioneer Ann Jackson is remembered.
  • NEWS: Russia is ostracized from squash circles and the World Junior Championships seeks a new home. Padel grows and is in the money.
  • WORLD SQUASH: Scotland gets behind World Doubles.
  • FEATURES: What are the prospects for England’s rising star Gina Kennedy?
    Part two of the Paul Coll series. We also look back at the career of modern-day legend Gregory Gaultier.
  • RACQUETBALL: James Zug looks at the rise and fall of racquetball in the US and its developments as an outoor pursuit.
  • STATE OF THE GAME: The development of padel and the experience of Dax Mellor.
    Is it a question of padel or racketball?
  • THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX: Squash Player looks at the evolution of squash and asks if racketball is the easier game we seek.
  • CLUB & COURT: News, Tom Oldroyd is squash’s new chief inspector, Abingdon Squash and Racketball Club still going strong after 50 years, and the pleasure and practicalities of underfloor heating.
  • GEAR: Paul Coll appoints a manager, Victor Crouin is snapped up by Dunlop while Head girls climb into the top 10. Joel Makin reveals what is in his bag.
  • ON COURT: Comment on the battle for no.1; round-up and performances of the month.
    There is a first UK win for Farag plus a wrestling match at Canary Wharf. There is also News, Calendar and Looking Forward.
  • WORKSHOP: News, Drew’s Diagnosis on El Sherbini’s awareness, key tactical failures, Hesham El Attar on crosscourts, Jesse Engelbrecht on nerves, Phillip Marlowe on fundaments and Michael Khan on anticipation.
  • GALLERY: Chanel no.555 for Jahangir, meeting up in Oz, squash theatre pre-Commonwealth Games, a court in the tropics, Sex Education and Zelenskyy takes up squash.


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2021 Issue 4

  • COLUMNS: James Zug’s ‘Letter from America’ and former world no.1 Karwin Darwish picks Youssef Ibrahim for the top
  • NEWS: Birmingham New Street Station to host a spectacular pre-Commonwealth Games showpiece for squash; Alison Waters retires
  • WORLD SQUASH: Squash’s participation in multi-sport games
    FEATURES: Ramy Ashour returns to the stage
  • THE ANNUAL: Records of the Year and how they stand historically; the all-time records; the year in stats – most matches played and won; longest match and more
  • AWARDS: Squash Player’s panel of international experts choose the Award winners for 2021: Player of the Year, Young Player of the Year, Most Improved Player of the Year, Comeback of the Year and Tournament of the Year.
  • STATE OF THE GAME: We assess the health of grassroots squash in the aftermath of the pandemic.
  • THINKING OUT OF THE BOX: Squash Player reports on the latest outdoor squash initiative.
  • CLUB & COURT: Squash Player reviews the technology used at the trend-setting MSquash Academy in Connecticut: interactiveSQUASH, the latest lights; D-Wall from TecnoBody and Blazepod to sharpen reaction times.
  • ON COURT: We look forward at a packed PSA Tour calendar, with the ToC rescheduled for May. In the rankings Paul Coll is breathing down the neck of Ali Farag.
    The Commonwealth Games in Birmingham provides a brilliant showcase with Birmingham New Street’s spectacular glass atrium the setting for a week-long celebration of squash before the Games begin..
  • WORKSHOP: Graham Stevenson retires; Kenya initiative; Richard Millman’s Rally Ball brand; NZ Trio decamp to Yorkshire; WSF coaches step up; Jesse Engelbrecht on combating nerves; your tactics and what can go wrong; Olivia Fiechter writes on her game; Hesham El Attar explains the secrets of repositioning; Off the Wall reveal their schools plan; Lee Drew analyses Coll; Phillip Marlowe goes ‘Court Dancing’,
  • GEAR: Daryl Selby teams up with Harrow; Racketware comes in a new version; Ashaway re-launch their Hybrid string; and the Tecnifibre competition winners are announced.
  • GALLERY: Behind the scenes at Canary Wharf with Alan Thatcher - The story behind Asal’s crash; Tim court short; Daryl Selby’s final bid; Willstrop is third reserve; Superman is grounded; international fans and the Peruvian Ambassador.



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2021 Issue 3

  • COMMENT: 50 years; Squash Player and World Squash; and a letter from the Prime Minister
  • COLUMNS: James Zug’s ‘Letter from America’ and Mike Palmer says 'Thanks for the Memories'
  • NEWS: Squash under threat at Commonwealth Games
  • WORLD SQUASH: Prince Albert leads the tributes to Squash Player
  • FEATURES: Squash Player in 1971; Jonah – Half a Century as a Legend; Treasure Hunt; Sport’s Greatest Winner; Through The Looking Glass
  • STATE OF THE GAME: Padel - Is it a ‘Friend or Foe’ for squash?
  • THINKING OUT OF THE BOX: Squash Player reports on the new one-wall game in Luxembourg.
  • CLUB & COURT: All the key news, including promotion for the Commonwealth Games, the M-Squash academy, an upgrade at Fulwood and a new steel court.
  • ON COURT: Analysis, round-up and the British Open in perspective.
  • WORKSHOP: Chris Robertson’s England return; how Off the Wall promotes squash in schools; Matt McFahn heads to Africa; Adrian Grant launches Squash Retreats; Ong Beng Hee sets ambitious goals; Robo-Coach; EliteSquash goes global; a chance to win a SquashMind app; Phillip Marlowe; Jesse Engelbrecht; Rodney Martin and more in our Tactical series.
  • GEAR: It’s a Revelation from Dunlop; Tecnifibre’s new bag; Ashaway deals; a free T-shirt; and win the new Tecnifibre Suprem 125 CurV
  • GALLERY: Hardy Clarke; Bronstein’s Choo Choo bird; The Berlin Wall; squash and Princess Diana; and Chris Dittmar’s defection.

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2021 Issue 2

  • COMMENT: Pandemic; forward to the World Championships; tributes and a welcome.
  • COLUMNS: Alex Wan, James Zug and debutant columnists Kanzy El Defrawy and Karim Darwish.
  • NEWS: England Squash appoints a new CEO.
  • WORLD SQUASH: The men’s World Team Championship moves to Malaysia and Russia plans to stage its first World Championship.
    FEATURES: Surrender to None- the story of Essendon Squash Club; Squash Player magazine’s 50th year.
  • TRIBUTES: Malcolm Willstrop, John LeLievre and the Duke of Edinburgh.
  • STATE OF THE GAME: New Australian CEO Robert Donaghue on participation Down Under and Joy Carter on squash in England.
  • THINKING OUT OF THE BOX: Squash Player reports on outdoor squash initiatives and two innovative developments that are opening up the game to new audiences.
  • CLUB & COURT: All the key club and court news, including a club built out of wood and another from leftover potato boxes. Also, how your courts can receive a face-lift with a quick, easy but certified paint job.
  • ON COURT: Analysis, round-up and the World Championships in view in Chicago.
    WORKSHOP: What would be very useful in playing squash well? Knowing where your opponent is? Hesham El Attar explains how to develop this skill. Also: News; Q&A; Tactical errors part 2; Mind Games; Know Thyself, Rules Quiz; Marlowe on the front wall; Newton explains issues around a squash player’s back and Rodney Martin continues his exclusive series.
  • GEAR: We get the exclusive on a new racket brand and its first big new pro signing; how the new Pro T One gizmo gives you an inside report on your strings; plus all the latest sponsorship news.
  • GALLERY: Lisa Aitken tangles with Covid, has her say on padel and reveals why she loves whisky..

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2021 Issue 1
Dessouky stars on new Squash Player cover

  • COMMENT: Where are we taking this great rebound sport?Columns by: James Willstrop, Gerry Gibson and James Zug.
  • NEWS: Mohammed ElShorbagy breaks his Egyptian exile but it doesn’t end well.
  • WORLD SQUASH: The world squash community pays tribute to Hany Hamouda, the humble power behind Egyptian
  •  Squash.
  • FEATURES: Laura Massaro’s new book; Rodney Martin’s beginnings; Perry’s Match Points; Dessouky from Zero to Hero; inconic covers in Squash Player’s 50th year.S
  • STATE OF THE GAME: Danny Lee explains the importance of coaches and Steve Lewis the rise and fall of proprietory clubs in the UK.
  • THINKING OUT OF THE BOX: Is Wall-Squash an important complement to Court-Squash? What should the rules be and all about Street Rackets.
  • INTERVEW: PSA’s Tommy Berden explains the InFRont relationship and Zena Wooldridge her World Squash role.
  • CLUB&COURT: All the Club and Club news plus the new Tin Tech from Melior Sports and the spectaclular ‘Tpoint’ courts in Tel Aviv.
  • ON COURT: Analysis and Round-up.
  • WORKSHOP: News; Q&A; Tatical Errors Part 1; Mind Game and Perfect Practice; Rules Quiz; Marlowe on Shot Selection; Khan on Reading the Play; Coaches’ Corner with Peter Nicol; Hesham on Variations on the Swing; Danny Massaro’s philosophical look; Derek Ryan on Training Around Shoulder Pain.
  • GEAR: Coll’s tribute to Baljet, Stellar launch, Racket Report and Sponsorship News,
    Head refresh their racket range, String Review Part 2.
  • GALLERY: Nathan Clark loses his passport.

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2020 Issue 4

  • COMMENT: Why 2021 offers squash a chance of a fresh start
  • NEWS: Zena Wooldridge takes the reins at WSF; El Tayeb expecting and Olympics ‘mockery'
  • WORLD SQUASH: Michael Khan and Roy Gingell reveal new online initiatives to push squash forward
  • FEATURES: Feisty young Pharaohs Mostafa Asal and Hania El Hammamy; world champion turned ‘super coach’ Rodney Martin; our ‘State of the Game' investigation continues and we reveal the winners of our Rolex by Michael Spiers Annual Awards
  • POSTER: CIB Bank's fast-rising star Hania El Hammamy
  • WORKSHOP: News; Head Rules Quiz; Hesham's hint; Farag's game; Engelbrecht on mindfulness; Marlowe changes the game; Omar Abdel Aziz's insights; Newton's physio therapy and Tactics guide No.10
  • GEAR: Big news from Head and Dunlop; inside Nele Gilis' bag, shoe review; guide to buying footwear and Mike Dale reviews Racketware's 'micro coach'
  • GALLERY: US No.1 Amanda Sobhy casts her eye over the game for gossip and chuckles


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2020 Issue 3

  • COMMENT: Egypt's impressive dominance casts shadow over the rest
  • NEWS: ElShorbagy stays on top; We Are One campaign comes to players' aid
  • WORLD SQUASH: Egypt to the rescue of major WSF events
  • FEATURES: 'State of the Game' investigation; Nimick the inimitable; ElShorbagy - 'Jansher is my inspiration'; Jansher remembers his finest moment; Gohar's climb without a climax; PSA Tour's triumphant return in Manchester; History
  • POSTER: PSA Tour's return in Manchester
  • WORKSHOP: News; Head Rules Quiz; Hesham's wisdom; Marlowe on going solo; Engelbrecht on visualisation; Vlassaks' pressure drills; Cross's planning; Tactic No.9
  • GEAR: Inside Paul Coll’s bag, string review, String Guide; Mike Dale tests the new Stingray Squash ball machine; latest equipment news
  • GALLERY: Mike Dale casts his eye over the game for gossip and chuckles




2020 Issue 2

  • COMMENT: Home help
  • WORLD SQUASH: World Squash Day
  • NEWS: Tour set to resume; Changes at WSF; New Ball Game
  • FEATURES: Simcock remembered; Gibson’s Column; Pearman moves on; Gaultier returns; Super US Centre; Raneem Departs; Hall of Fame; History
  • CLUB SCENE: How will coronavirus affect club life?
  • POSTER: Raneem El Welily
  • WORKSHOP: News; Khan on Building Intensity; Stiff on coaching changes; Engelbrecht’s Mental Mission; Major Maniam on De-Stressing for Success; Tactic No.8; Swinging Marlowe; Andrew Cross on Focus; Ronny on Reading Play; Renato’s Court; Newton on Strength; Nisbet on building strength.
  • COMMENT: Sad farewell; Advantages become Nemesis
  • GUIDE: The Össur Safe Squash Guide – all the practices and games you can use while being safe on court.
  • GALLERY: Rod Gilmour explores improvised court innovations during lockdown.


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2020 Issue 1

  • COMMENT: Home help
  • NEWS: Squash lockdown; Photo of the Year
  • WORLD SQUASH: Pan Am boost for squash
  • FEATURES: New era for squash; Egypt rule the world again; Squash On Fire; The best of British; Superman's secret plan; Squash on Line with Steve; Hall of Fame; History
  • OFF COURT: Double Dunlop signing; Massaro's MBE; PSA makes twin investment; Ashaway's first hybrid squash string; Moscow first for Elitesquash
  • WORKSHOP: SquashSkills' new levels; Lockdown training; Tactics; Drew's diagnosis; Physio's therapy
  • ON COURT: Round-up; Rankings; Performance of the Month; Quote of the Month; Short shots; UK scene; Tournament of Champions; Canary Wharf Classic; Player of the Month awards
  • GALLERY: Ian McKenzie goes behind the scenes at the Men's World Team Championship in Washington


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2019 Issue 4

  • COMMENT: Squash needs plan B
  • WORLD SQUASH: WSF turns page; Successful AGM; Coaching conference
  • FEATURES: Squash Player's 2019 awards; Photo of the Year; Eye safety; The rest is history; Year at a glance; National treasures; Momen on top of the world; Nour at the double
  • OFF COURT: President Perry; Rackets Cubed boost; BJO back in Birmingham; Egyptian awards
  • WORKSHOP: News; Tactics; Drew's diagnosis; Mohamed's match points; My game with Zahed Salem; Physio's therapy; Back training
  • ON COURT: Round-up; Rankings; Performance of the Month; Quote of the Month; Short shots; UK scene; PSL review; Looking forward; Calendar; Player of the Month awards
    GALLERY: Nick Matthew goes behinds the scenes in Doha

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2019 Issue 3

  • NEWS: Women break new ground; Canary Wharf last of trial; Worlds host has big goal
  • EDITORIAL: Egypt set to dominate
  • WORLD SQUASH: IOC breaks squash's hearts
  • FEATURES: A new start; Planning my season; New York connection; The road to Cairo; Tears and triumph; In my bag; Talk of the Toon; Egyptian double?
  • OFF COURT: Ashaway's Waters boost; Head signs Sobhy; Short shots
  • WORKSHOP: News; Q&A; Tactics; Drew's diagnosis; Mohamed's match points; Physio's therapy; Knee training
  • ON COURT: Round-up; Rankings; Performance of the Month; Quote of the Month; Short shots; Looking forward; Calendar; Player of the Month awards; UK scene; Junior profiles
  • GALLERY: Ian McKenzie provides a personal view of events on and off court



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2019 Issue 2

  • NEWS: WSF accuses IOC of "closing off" Games; David's campaign
  • COMMENT: New role for David
    Nicol David, Ramy Ashour, Laura Massaro, Jenny Duncalf
  • WORLD SQUASH: A dabble that lasted 43 years
  • BRITISH OPEN: Gohar arrives, Mohamed returns
  • FEATURES: RAM raid; Squash at the Hub
  • OFF COURT: Dunlop's new Revelation
  • WORKSHOP: News; Q&A; Tactics; Drew's diagnosis; Mohamed's match points; Willstrop's hip secret; Wycliffe wonders
  • ON COURT: Round-up; Rankings; Performance of the Month; Quote of the Month; Short shots; Looking forward; Calendar; Player of the Month awards; European breakthroughs
  • GALLERY: Jamie Maddox provides a personal view of events on and off court
  • OBITUARY: Andy Bunting


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2019 Issue 1

  • NEWS: Squash contemplates Olympic legal action; David's Open swansong; PSA bans iPhones
  • COMMENT: Time for another approach
  • OBITUARY: Sir Nigel Broomfield
  • WORLD SQUASH: Squash must ignore latest IOC snub
  • WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS: Social heart of Worlds; World-class sibling rivals; Review
  • FEATURES: Another Olympic fiasco; On top of the world; Hong Kong's challenge; Aitken brewing rankings climb; Todd coming to a club near you; Letter from America; University carries Open torch
  • OFF COURT: Prince's new racket range
  • WORKSHOP: News; Ramy Ashour Q&A; Tactics; Drew's diagnosis; Rosner's match points; Treating hip pain; Strength and conditioning
  • ON COURT: Round-up; Rankings; Performance of the Month; Quote of the Month; Short shots; British Junior Open; Canary Wharf Classic; Tournament of Champions; Looking forward; Calendar; Player of the Month awards
  • GALLERY: Ian McKenzie's off-court musings from Canary Wharf and the PSA World Championships


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2018 Issue 4

  • COMMENT: Balance of experts and players
  • OBITUARY: Craig Sharp
  • WORLD SQUASH: Youth Olympics a real milestone
  • FEATURES: Squash Player's 2018 awards; Photo of the Year; Olympic youth showcase; A Classic event; Makin makes his move; Momen learns his lesson
  • OFF COURT: Dunlop sign Wall; Club Locker partners WSF; Dunlop get official; Rankedin growth; Coleman for Ashaway
  • WORKSHOP: News; Ramy Ashour Q&A; Tactics; Drew's diagnosis; Rosner's match points; A dynamic warm-up; Pilley's long road back
  • ON COURT: Round-up; Rankings; Performance of the Month; Quote of the Month; Profiles - Greg Lobban and Georgia Adderley; England Squash events review; PSL preview; Looking forward; Calendar; Player of the Month awards.
  • GALLERY: Nick Matthew reports on what he has been up to since his retirement



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2018 Issue 3

  • COMMENT: Competitive opportunities; Sumner remembered.
  • NEWS: Egypt retain title; David eyes more glory; Matthew-Willstrop head-to-head plans.
  • WORLD SQUASH: Squash grateful for Youth Olympics opportunity; China milestone; Serve review.
  • FEATURES: Call in the Army; Keeping up appearances; Masters of the universe; Zuko masters the Open; PSA take the pulse; Play it by ear.
  • NICK MATTHEW SPECIAL: Hall of Fame; Matthew's secrets; Making of a champion; Factfile; Poster; Team Dunlop Q&A.
  • OFF COURT: El Tayeb joins Dunlop; Wearwell courts approved; Ashaway's three signings.
  • WORKSHOP: News; Ramy Ashour Q&A; Tactics; Heart of the matter; Rodriguez visualises the prize; Prince rules.
  • ON COURT: Round-up; Rankings; Performance of the Month; Quote of the Month; Profile - Low Wee Wern; PSA Tour round-up; England Squash events review; PSL preview; Looking forward; Calendar; Player of the Month awards.
  • GALLERY: Ian McKenzie provides a personal view of events on and off court



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2018 Issue 2

  • COMMENT: Disquiet at refereeing policy
  • NEWS: Un triunfo historico!; Matthew honour; Pro stoppages down
  • WORLD SQUASH: A special occasion; Fontaine's travels; Squash in the park
  • FEATURES: Rodriguez flying high; National treasures; Letter from America; Moxham presses Accelerator; British Open drama; Willstrop's heart of gold; King rules again; Commonwealth Games review
  • OFF COURT: ASB backing glass floors; England's World Juniors squad
  • WORKSHOP: News; Coaches' corner - Bett Dryhurst; Summer course calendar; Tactics; Team Dunlop interviews; The long game; My game - Nour El Sherbini.
  • ON COURT: Round-up; Rankings; Performance of the Month; Quote of the Month; Profile - Yip Tsz Fung; PSA Tour round-up; England Squash events review; PSL final report; Looking forward; Calendar; Player of the Month awards.
  • HALL OF FAME: Vicki Cardwell
  • GALLERY: Rod Gilmour provides a personal view of events on and off court at the Commonwealth Games


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2018 Issue 1

  • COMMENT: Worlds' charity; Major Games
  • NEWS: Saudi sport breakthrough; Who wants to be a millionaire?; Shelley on the rebound
  • WORLD SQUASH: Picking off targets
  • FEATURES: The Squash Player Annual Awards; Photo of the Year; The Elshorbagys - brothers in arms; Waters in search of gold; Good Evans!; Relaxation the key for Raneem; Record county champions found
  • OFF COURT: Teuton is WSF shoe; Dunlop partners PSA; Ryan Leisure approved; New ball machine
  • WORKSHOP: News; Coaches' corner - Chris Robertson; Course calendar; Physio's therapy; Drew's diagnosis; Rules quiz; Practice; Mastershot; Irving's app.
  • ON COURT: PSA Tour round-up; One to watch - Sam Todd; World Masters preview; British Junior Open review; British National Championships report; PSL; Looking forward; Calendar; Player of the Month awards.
  • HALL OF FAME: Jahangir Khan
  • GALLERY: Daryl Selby's view of events on and off court



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2017 Issue 6

  • COMMENT: Yes tackling blocking, but...
  • NEWS: Egypt's world dominance complete; Shelley shock
  • WORLD SQUASH NEWS: Taking refereeing to new levels
  • FEATURES: The iSquash revolution; Mohamed makes crisis call; Egypt couple make history; Classic form for Worlds; El Sherbini the favourite; Egypt regain men's title
  • WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS GUIDE: Schedule; Draws; Profiles; Manchester guide
  • OFF COURT: Matthew the movie; Perry is Unsquashable; Crouin joins Salming; Aidan Keane tribute
  • WORKSHOP: New app from Irving; Ronnie wears it well; Physio's therapy; Drew's diagnosis; Mastershot; Technology rules; Aspire today
  • ON COURT: PSA Tour round-up; One to watch - Raphael Kandra; Calendar; Player of the Month awards.
  • HALL OF FAME: Rodney Martin
  • GALLERY: Ian McKenzie provides a personal view of events on and off court



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2017 Issue 5

  • COMMENT: Matthew's long goodbye; best-of-three; welcome back Pakistan
  • NEWS: England funding boost; Matthew backs best-of-three; Carney tragedy; double U.S. Open setback
  • WORLD SQUASH NEWS: Squash57 celebrates first birthday
  • FEATURES: Matthew's Manchester swansong; Willstrop's comeback; Massaro - my game; Waters - my bag; Urban Squash; Double the fun; School and club combine in Wiltshire; Ramy rides again
  • OFF COURT: Double boost for Massaro; Salming signings; Elias for Ashaway
  • WORKSHOP: News; Physio's therapy; Drew's diagnosis; Course calendar; Mastershot; Taylor-made for England; Rules Q&A
  • ON COURT: PSA Tour round-up; One to watch - Lucy Turmel; England Squash events review; PSL preview; Calendar; Player of the Month awards.
  • HALL OF FAME: Janet Morgan
  • GALLERY: Sarah-Jane Perry provides a personal view of events on and off court



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2017 Issue 4

  • COMMENT: Formats, experiments and doubles
  • NEWS: Ethics commission elected by WSF; UK cities in Commonwealth Games race
  • WORLD SQUASH NEWS: First steps on the road to 2024; US debut for World Men's Team Championship
  • FEATURES: Doubles - organised chaos; The other doubles; Paris raises Olympic hopes; Egyptian whitewash; Marwan becomes his own man
  • OFF COURT: Gohar joins Dunlop; Blinding Supernick
  • WORKSHOP: News; Physio's therapy; Drew's diagnosis; Coaches' corner; Course calendar; Practice routine; Mastershot.
  • ON COURT: Dubai sets trends; PSA Tour round-up; Willstrop's wishes; British Open Masters report; Season preview; Calendar; Player of the Month awards.
  • HALL OF FAME: Roshan Khan
  • GALLERY: Rod Gilmour provides a personal view of the Dubai PSA World Series Finals


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2017 Issue 3

  • COMMENT: Squash world comes to Manchester
  • NEWS: England complete Euro treble; Van Basten becomes squash fan; Toorpakai appointed to IOC Commission
  • WORLD SQUASH NEWS: New Olympic bid discussed
  • FEATURES: Club of the Year; Finding your squash level; Squash's future rosy in Kent; Positivity pays for Perry; Academy the key for James
  • OFF COURT: New technology for coaching; Jonah Barrington DVD
  • WORKSHOP: News; Physio's therapy; Drew's diagnosis; Coaches' corner; Summer courses; Course calendar; Practice routine; Mastershot
  • ON COURT: Women's Worlds review; PSA Tour round-up; England Squash events report; One to watch - Elise Lazarus; Looking forward; Calendar; Player of the Month awards
  • HALL OF FAME: Peter Nicol
  • GALLERY: Nick Matthew provides a personal view of events on and off court at the European Team Championships


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2017 Issue 2

  • NEWS: Gaultier 3 Massaro 2; Sobhy to come back stronger; Masters for Colets; Rackets Cubed dinner
  • WORLD SQUASH NEWS: New commission structure; Colombia hosts coaching and development conference; National/regional dates for 2018
  • FEATURES: Openf shut case; Mo in survival mode; Serme close to the top; The Egyptian visionary; Elias gets serious
  • OFF COURT: Flying D flies off
  • WORKSHOP: News; Ryan's perfect fit; Sobhy schedule; Coaches' corner - Thierry Lincou; Courses update; Course calendar; Rules quiz; Practice routines; Mastershot.
  • ON COURT: PSA Tour Round-up; Previews; Reviews; Canary Wharf Classic report; European Nationals roundup; British Nationals review; One to watch - Sivasangari Subramaniam; Looking forward; Calendar; Player of the Month awards.
  • HALL OF FAME: Amr Bey
  • GALLERY: Daryl Selby provides a personal view of events on and off court



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2017 Issue 1

  • COMMENT: Gender parity moves ever closer
  • NEWS: England Squash 'concerned' about WSF election; Massaro ready for Egyptian challenge; Matthew hungry for ninth national title
  • ENGLAND SQUASH NEWS: High Performance Award; Coaching Summit - learn from the best; England's brace of BJO finalist
  • WSF ROUND-UP: No excuses
  • FEATURES: The Squash Player Annual Awards; Massaro's odyssey; How to end Egyptian rule; England's growth plans; Photo of the Year
  • OBITUARY: Mike Oddy
  • OFF COURT: Carlisle re-opens; ISPO award
  • WORKSHOP: News; Coaches' Corner - John Ronbertson; Courses update; Course calendar; Physio's Therapy; Drew's Diagnosis; Rules quiz; Practice routines; Mastershot.
  • ON COURT: PSA Tour Round-up; Previews; Reviews; Tournament of Champions report; One to watch - Declan James; Looking forward; Calendar; Player of the Month awards.
  • HALL OF FAME: Sarah Fitz-Gerald
  • GALLERY: James Zug reports from the Tournament of Champions


2016 Issue 6

    The latest Mastershot is Nicol David's backhand crosscourt drop
    Tesni Evans talks to Mike Dale about her life on and off court
    Comment: A golden generation
  • NEWS: Civil war averted; March British Open; Dessouki banned; Squash for a long life; Payne tragedy; Oddy passes away
    WSF NEWS: All change at WSF
  • FEATURES: Le President; Writing the 555 story; Meet the world champion; Egypt's silver lining
  • OFF COURT: New Ashaway touch; Mullered by Laura
  • WORKSHOP: News; My sport - Tesni Evans; Courses update; Course calendar; Physio's therapy; Drew's diagnosis; Rules quiz; Practice routines; Mastershot.
  • ON COURT: PSA Tour Round-up; Previews; Reviews; Qatar Classic report; One to watch - Salma Hany Ibrahim; Looking forward; Calendar; Monthly awards.
  • HALL OF FAME: Ross Norman
  • GALLERY: Lee Drew and Joey Barrington report from the commentary box


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2016 Issue 5

  • News: Selby England no.2; New Jahangir book; Security stepped up for worlds; Moverley’s funding campaign
  • England Squash News: Racketball game changer; PSL perfect 10
    World Squash News: squash a sport for life
  • Off Court: Ramy signs for Salming; John White’s new racket; Ashaway official string at National Squash Centre
  • Features: Zug on Rix; Wiltshire’s junior drive; Young Pro Charlie Lee’s day; Matthew’s new goals; Peter Nicol explains Egypt’s Pressure Point; Photo Feature - Nour El Tayeb
  • Competitions: Black Knight Rules Quiz
    winners: Head and Sorbothane competitions
  • Workshop: Carrie’s Academy, Vanessa Atkinson interviews Tania Bailey, Rules Quiz Answers, Drew on Amanda Sobhy’s attacking volley, Squash Guru’s, Tactical Tips, Practice Routines
  • On Court: PSA Tour Round-up; Previews; Reviews; Rooney One to watch; Monthly awards; World Masters; Looking Forward; Calendar
  • Directory: All your squash services
    Hall of Fame: Thierry Lincou
  • Gallery: Nick Matthew’s personal view


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2016 Issue 4

  • COMMENT: Mixed Olympic feelings; Interesting Worlds; Time for TV experiment
  • NEWS: Pakistan shock Egypt; Greatest Athletes honour for David; Kiwis kings at doubles; Olympic debate in British Parliament; Women's Squash Week
  • WSF NEWS: Squash under review
  • FEATURES: Maria's story; Champions of the future; Pilley's new line; Dubai dazzles
  • OFF COURT: Science of squash; Yoga education for Massaro; Equipment guide; Ambassador Farag
  • COMPETITIONS: Head racket; Sorbothane shock stoppers
  • WORKSHOP: My game - Joelle King; Mastershot - Max Lee; Drew's diagnosis; Physio's therapy; Rules quiz; Squash gurus; Practice
  • ON COURT: PSA Tour Round-up; Previews; Reviews; One to watch; British Open Masters highlights; Monthly awards
  • HALL OF FAME: Michelle Martin
  • GALLERY: Rod Gilmour's personal view


2016 Issue 3

  • EDITORIAL: Your View On Our New Look?
  • NEWS: England's Euro Conquests; Champions' Title Threat; Surrey's PSL Title; Beddoes Retires
  • ENGLAND SQUASH NEWS: World Double For Manchester; Squash Girls Can Opportunity
  • WSF ROUNDUP: The Evolving Constitution; Bumper Year For Worlds
  • FEATURES: Steps To Pro Refereeing; El Sherbini's World Dream; Showdown In Dubai; Egypt's Open Era; Selby Reaches Out
  • WORKSHOP: Drew's Diagnosis; Fitness First; Physio's Therapy; Summer Courses; Rules Quiz; Kate Goes Coaching; England Squash's Support Team; Squash Gurus
  • ON COURT: PSA Tour Round-up; Previews; Reviews; One To Watch; British Open Highlights; County Players Of The Season; Monthly Awards
  • HALL OF FAME: Jansher Khan
  • GALLERY: Steve Line's Personal View

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2016 Issue 2

  • EDITORIAL: A British Open to savour
  • NEWS: David's KL defence; Garner's new role; June Masters for Open
  • WSF COLUMN: Setting court standards; Racketball renaming
  • FEATURES: American prodigy; Egyptian wonderkid; What the legends say; Trading secrets
  • EVENT GUIDE: Canary Wharf Classic players, draw, history, plus features on Willstrop, Mosaad and Rosner
  • WORKSHOP: Drew's diagnosis; Nisbet's Q&A; Physio's room; The Plate Coach
  • ON COURT: PSA Tour Round-up; Previews; Reviews; One to Watch; British National Championships highlights; Azlan to the rescue
  • HALL OF FAME: David Palmer.
  • GALLERY: Steve Line's personal view

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2016 Issue 1

  • NEWS: Men's worlds set for Cairo; Squash reconsiders its Olympic future
  • COLUMN: We're in good shape says England Squash CEO
  • FEATURES: Annual awards; Barker's mission; Massaro on top of the world; My sport with Millie Tomlinson
  • CLUB SCENE: Carlisle weathers the storm; Pontefract's new gem; Market Harborough boon
  • WORKSHOP: Danny's secrets; Taylor-made support; Drew's diagnosis; Nisbet's squats; physio room
  • ON COURT: PSA Tour round-up and previews, Review, TOC notes, British National Championships and British Open preview, One to watch
  • HALL OF FAME: Susan Devoy
  • GALLERY: Tim Garner's personal view

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2015 Issue 6

  • NEWS: Olympic hopes dashed again, Tall order, It's all over now, David's HK 10, Barker retires, Massaro new no.1 

  • COLUMN: WSF coaching is now standardised

  • FEATURES: Gaultier at last, World disorder, Mosaad's push, Gohar in top 10, Public Squash, PSA's objectives

  • CLUB SCENE: Serbian club war

  • WORKSHOP: Analysis of 17-inch tin, Rally lengths, Gaultier's mastershot, Parke's challenge, Pilley - my game

  • ON COURT: PSA Tour round-up and previews, Review, Qatar notes, British Junior Open preview, One to watch 

  • HALL OF FAME: Azam Khan

  • GALLERY: Ian McKenzie's personal view



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2015 Issue 5

  • NEWS: Ashour's Worlds fitness race; U.S. Open titles for Massaro and Gaultier; Elshorbagy doubt for World Teams.
  • COLUMNS: Worth reviews his first year as ESR CEO; Williams' participation update; Duggan on the latest talent pathway development.
  • FEATURES: What the legends say; Olympic fallout; Carter's task; Waller steps up; Lust sets target; racket review.
  • CLUB SCENE: Duffield - a real club; operation clean court; panel beating.
  • WORKSHOP: How to treat and avoid a calf strain; Drew's diagnosis; Pilley advice; courses latest; European Coaching Conference report.
  • OFF COURT: 'Trading Secrets'; White signing; Head competition.
  • COURT: Round-up, previews and news; Player of the Month awards; PSA review; one to watch.
  • HALL OF FAME: Amr Shabana
  • GALLERY: Ian McKenzie's personal view

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2015 Issue 4

  • NEWS: orld titles for Elias and Gohar; five in a row for Egypt; Lower tin trial
  • COLUMNS: Squash's next stage in its Olympic bid
  • INTERNATIONAL: Qatar and Iraq in World Team debuts;Colombian Open's big plans; Indian circuit better than ever; Masters for South Africa; Letter from America
  • FEATURES: PSA stoppage plan; Jahangir returns; Serme's script; Hesham on a high; On the boards; Hall of Fame
  • CLUB SCENE: David's home from home
  • WORKSHOP: Pilley's game; Drew's diagnosis; New game for women; Kemp seizes Aspire chance; Taking the strain
  • OFF COURT: Gaultier's equipment; SportyHQ launches Score Squash; Coppinger's Salming hit; Hesham joins Eye; Simpson's home boost
  • ON COURT: Round-up, previews and news; 2015 British Open analysis; Player of the Month awards; PSA review
  • GALLERY: Tim Garner's personal view

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2015 Issue 3

  • NEWS: Matthew will be at British Open, Jackman's exile, Perry's perfect finale
  • ESR COLUMNS: Worth outlines his plans for change, Duggan reveals strategy for next generation of players
  • BRITISH OPEN PREVIEW: Ramy's courage, Moverley's guide to Hull, Legends' champions predictions; Perry's transformation; Meet the masters; the Village
  • INTERNATIONAL: David's home chance of world glory; World Juniors go Dutch
  • CLUB SCENE: Bristol club is transformed
  • OFF COURT: Barker re-signs; Karakal signings; Richards' sweatband deal; Cannon's Grand Prix backing
  • FEATURES: Squash court floors; Hall of Fame: Jonah Barrington
  • WORKSHOP: ESR coaching awards; summer camps; Matthew's pressure game; Drew's diagnosis; Ford's drive paying off; how to treat knee pain
  • ON COURT: Round-up; one to watch: George Parker; promoters' corner; the Coolhurst conductor; PSA review; Players of the Month for April and May
  • GALLERY: Ian McKenzie's personal view

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2015 Issue 2

  • NEWS: Ashour targets El Gouna return, Matthew aims for home glory, Egyptian referees invited to BJO

  • POINTS OF VIEW: Player stoppages, Tokyo Games' sports decision delay 

  • FEATURES: Rosner matures, Gilmour's MOT,  Polish progress, Panel v plaster, Hall of Fame, History

  • WORKSHOP: My Game with Raneem El Welily, Drew's diagnosis, Coaches' corner with David Evans, Fitting fitness in, Top tips from Peter Genever

  • ON COURT: Canary Wharf Classic preview, British Nationals review, One to watch: Ng Eain Yow, Promoters' corner: Freddie Johnson, Monthly awards, Round-up, PSA news

  • GALLERY: Ian McKenzie's personal view

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2015 Issue 1

  • NEWS:Olympic progress, Au's world record, First Lady backs squash, Egyptian BJO walkout

  • ESR: Columns

  • FEATURES:National Championships preview, Willstrop returns, Waters' best year, The Annual Squash Player Awards, Top 10 predictions

  • WORKSHOP: News and courses, Drew's diagnosis, My shot: Chris Simpson, Gary Nisbet's fitness series – part 3, Coaches' corner, Guest coach, Analysis – the 2014 national men's final



  • CLUB SCENE: News and events, Meet the courtman

  • OFF COURT: Shoe reviews, Competition winners


  • ON COURT: Round-up, Promoters' corner, One to watch, Monthly awards, PSA pages

  • HALL OF FAME: A squash legend is inducted into the Squash Player Hall of Fame

  • HISTORY: Nick Matthew's first National title

  • GALLERY: Tim Garner's personal view of the sport


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2014 Issue 6

  • NEWS: Squash's Monte Carlo date,
    History made in Qatar
  • POINTS OF VIEW: The latest news on squash's Olympic bid
  • FEATURES: Experts predict the future women's top 10, Evolution of the glass court, Keyhole is hip for Willstrop, The PSA-WSA merger, China's vision, India's new circuit, Player of the Month awards,
    Tape examined
  • WORKSHOP: McCaw's method (Anticipation), Drew on grips, Irving's course, Nisbet on fitness,
    New book (G spot)
  • ON COURT: Ramy reigns in Doha, World Women's Championship preview, Exeter backer putting on brave face, World Women's Teams preview, Round-up,
    PSA news
  • GALLERY: James Zug at the U.S. Open


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2014 Issue 5

  • NEWS: Matthew targets Worlds, Willstrop out until New Year, Squash's vital Olympic date

  • POINTS OF VIEW: Meadows' warning for England Squash, WSF resources are not limitless says Shelley

  • FEATURES: Worth's ESR challenge, Matthew's golden comeback, Beddoes breakthrough, Hashim: The greatest, Games report, New rackets review

  • WORKSHOP: Hashim's tips, Drew on drives, Nisbet on fitness, Courses update, Coaches' corner, Mini court initiative

  • ON COURT: U.S. Open preview, PSL review, profile and preview, Hong Kong  Open report, World Juniors review, Round-up

  • PSA news

  • GALLERY: Martin Bronstein's personal view


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2014 Issue 4

  • NEWS: Matthew and David make Commonwealth Games history, Worth returns, Olympic hope, Merger call
  • POINTS OF VIEW: Our Olympics, The Great Experiment, Squash for the Paralympics? Will Egyptian junior run end? Top coaches at conference, Egypt head women's entry
  • GAULTIER'S FRENCH CONNECTION: World no.1 keeps his cool, Lavigne's vision, Benoit's recipe
  • THE RIVALS: David challenged by Massaro
    David's clever criticism
  • THE GREAT EXPERIMENT: Squash's attempt to improve its image, What the players say
  • MASTER MARTIN: Brett Martin trucking along
    Australia: the Masters nation
  • OTHER FEATURES include: Squash's brilliant Games, Dessouki surprise, Guyana's shining light
    Change coming, Stephen Line's top shots
  • WORKSHOP: Matthew's emergency rehab, What the rules say, My Game: Miguel Angel Rodriguez
  • ON COURT: Hong Kong Open preview, Round-up, PSA World Tour
    Ian McKenzie's personal view


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2014 Issue 3

  • NEWS: Berden is new WSA chief
    Dream Open draw for Lee.
  • POINTS OF VIEW Lord hails influence of Matthew and Massaro, ESR funding initiatives, Squash on the beach
  • MASSARO MY STORY:Laura Massaro talks about making squash history, Pearson: a champion coach.
    The sport's eventful Commonwealth Games journey, Glasgow Games factfile.
    Could this be the best British Open ever?
    Alison Waters writes about her favourite event, What's in the Open village.
  • OTHER FEATURES include:Stephen Line's top shots, Kate Mason's TV debut, Adrian Grant aims to inspire England's youth.
  • WORKSHOP: James Willstrop's tactics, practice and goals, Allistair McCaw advises how to use your nerves, Lee Drew discusses key coaching issues, Peter Barker tells UK camps to follow the US model
  • ON COURT: Round-up, PSA World Tour, ESR events.
  • GALLERY:Ian McKenzie's personal view.


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2014 Issue 2

  • NEWS: David will stay world no.1 til 2019 says Irving; Ramachandran's Olympic pledge

  • POINTS OF VIEW: Coaches must lead; Reluctance to play ball is harming squash 

  • WOMEN'S WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP: The pressure is on Nicol David; Future world no.1 challengers 

  • MEN'S WORLD SERIES FINALS: Richmond gets its reward; Jonathon back in Power

  • CANARY WHARF CLASSIC: The players; An epic clash; The last 10 years

  • OTHER FEATURES include: Drew's task as PSA director of referees; All change at the WSA; Jordan's new star; The growth of urban squash

  • WORKSHOP: Gaultier's favourite shot; McCaw on the tube and bad days; Hartley on positive thinking

  • ON COURT: Round-up; PSA World Tour; British National Championships review; El Gouna's return

  • GALLERY: Ian McKenzie's personal view


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2014 Issue 1 

  • NEWS: Massaro hails positive Worlds news

  • POINTS OF VIEW: ESR's Jim Lord talks about UK Sport's demands; the WSF's Andrew Shelley on 2014 medal chances

  • NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS: Rod Gilmour's preview; England's Young Ones

  • OTHER FEATURES include: Matthew sets new goals; England's jewel; Perry returns; Zubair's big plans; Line's 30 years at the top; Grampians shuts; Owen's stable; Ryder advice; Robertson's target

  • WORKSHOP: New rules; My Game with Mohamed Elshorbagy; Matthew on 'The Rumble'; UK camps

  • ON COURT: ToC report; Round-up; PSA World Tour; British Junior Open

  • GALLERY: Tim Garner's personal view


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2013 Issue 6

  • NEWS: Matthew regains top ranking, David equals Fitz-Gerald record
  • POINTS OF VIEW: The equality debate, Manchester excels, Panel problems, Testers knock Gaultier out, BBC on the button
  • OLYMPICS: Squash's lifeline
  • 2013 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP: Matthew's treble, Was this the greatest ever tournament?, Diary
  • OTHER FEATURES include: Where is the women's game going?, The trouble with Ramy, Star of India, Rafa's last Samba, Letter from America
  • WORKSHOP: Drug-testing, My Game with Mohamed Elshorbagy, My Sport with Karim Abdel Gawad
  • OFF COURT: Marketplace, String matters, Squash Info
  • ON COURT: PSA, Round-up, British Junior Open, GB Vets
  • GALLERY: Ian McKenzie's view of events


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2013 Issue 5  

  • NEWS: Squash wrestling with Olympic future, WSA hopeful of World Open London Open steps up

  • POINTS OF VIEW: What now for squash and the Olympics? Leave lets alone

  • TRIBUTE: John Timperley

  • WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP:  The top six contenders, Ramy Ashour on how he keeps his rivals at bay, Nick Matthew details his preparations for the big one, Yawar Abbas reveals how Manchester is preparing for the event

  • OTHER FEATURES include:  Laura Massaro's mission, The movie on Egyptian squash Squash's outdoor triumphs and disasters

  • WORKSHOP: Squashercise, Jonny Harford outlines why Wycliffe are so successful

  • OFF COURT: Worthing call for defibrillators, GB Vets' halfcentury, How Sport England has boosted squash

  • ON COURT:  Roundup, PSA World Tour

  • GALLERY: Tim Garner's personal view of events


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2013 Issue 4

  • NEWS
    Egypt's World Junior Championship hattrick 
    Is Ramy Ashour the world's no.1 racket sports player?
    The Egyptian tide
    Andrew Shelley previews squash's big day
    Report on the Ambassador trip to Panama and Venezuela 
    Legendary squash writer Dicky Rutnagur 
  • FEATURES include
    British Open reflections
    World Men's Team Championship report, David Palmer on his US training base, Stephen Coppinger's climb, Miguel Angel Rodriguez's rise, Sarah FitzGerald's new life
    Amir Wagih's, American dream, Ramy Ashour reviews his great year
    Simon Hartley stresses the importance of preparation
    Roundup, British Open Masters review, Craig van der Wath's Masters treble, Madeira: Squash's hidden paradise, PSA World Tour
    Britain's gold medal
    Ian McKenzie's personal view

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2013 Issue 3

  • NEWS
    England stutter to Euro double, Shabana out of title defence

    James Willstrop on Jahangir Khan

    Squash well placed and waiting

    Coach’s tribute to Harry Faulkner

    Vanessa Atkinson assesses the British Open challengers to Nicol David

  • FEATURES include
    Simpson on the rise, Injury knocks Richards out of Open, Fallows prepares for World Juniors, Is England’s ‘golden age’ nearly over? Heart attacks in squash

    The game plan, The Squash Workshop 4
    Cabooter on pressure, Rules you should know, Camps and courses, Top shots
    All about defibrillators, Cameron Pilley and his heart rate monitor

    Hull university refurbishment, Windsor club saved, Kit aid and squash

    Roundup, 10 years of Canary Wharf, National Masters champions, Massaro’s CourtCare Open, PSA World Tour, Perry’s debut and ESR roundup

    The British Open in Yorkshire

    Rod Gilmour’s personal view

    All the listings on your sport


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2013 ISSUE 2 

  • NEWS: Roger Federer backing squash's Olympic bid; Amr Shabana boosts Egypt's world team title campaign; rugby gets behind squash; the World Championship's final stages at Manchester Central.

  • POINTS OF VIEW: Comment on the World Series Finals TV coverage; report on Peter Nicol's 7 Continent Challenge with Tim Garner.

  • WSF NEWS: The St Petersburg Olympic hurdle; Al Tamimi on top; referees' conference; NZ to host AGM; Siyoli's double.

  • FEATURES include:

    Geoff Hunt on his Qatar job, SquashTV's development and seven steps to the future, Squash mum Basma El Shorbagy, Sachin Tendulkar's squash endorsement, Nicol David's mental edge, The fearless Peruvian teenager

     Your guide to London's favourite event


     Comment on the mental game,  Camps and courses, Pro Points from Simon Rosner, Coaches' Corner on Malcolm Willstrop's Colombian trip, Shots from the Squash Workshop, Peter Nicol on his battles with Jansher Khan

     King signs for Ashaway


    Matthew and Waters are the best of British, News from the PSA and WSA Tours, It's Ramy's title in Richmond, Chris Walker and Paul Johnson on life in the USA

    Dicky Rutnagur's 1974 report on Mo Yasin's British Open final default


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2013 ISSUE 1

  • NEWS provides an update on squash's bid for Olympic inclusion and lists the PSA and WSA awardwinners
    celebrates Nicol David's remarkable achievement of seven world titles and criticises the three referee panel system
  • FEATURES include:
    Malcolm Willstrop's and Ian McKenzie's views on Ramy Ashour's World Championship success,  Mohamed El Shorbagy talking to Rod Gilmour about his rise to the top and why he has made the English West Country his base, Richard Eaton looking back on Nicol David's World Open victory and how her challengers fared, Amr Shabana explaining why he is not retiring just yet, James Willstrop outlining the influence girlfriend Vanessa Atkinson has had on his career, Richard Eaton's preview of the British National Championships, Simon Redfern's look at Hull, venue for the British Open for the next two years
  • WORKSHOP comprises:
    Paul Carter explaining why coaches should have more confidence in their players' ability to solve problems, The ESR's Mandie Tromp talking about rallyending analysis, Ian McKenzie warning against coaching overload and revisiting some of his key and original ideas, Peter Nicol recalling his long and challenging rivalry with Jonathon Power

    David Campion tells Simon Redfern why he was so encouraged by English performances at the British Junior Open, plus news and roundups from PSA, WSA and ESR events
    goes back 34 years to Heather McKay's world title win
    Alan Thatcher provides a personal view of events on and off court



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2012 ISSUE 6


  • NEWS
    Issue 6 of The Squash Player magazine includes features and contributions from Peter Nicol, Ross Norman, Gawain Briars, Phil Whitlock, James Willstrop, Richard Eaton, Alan Thatcher, Rod Gilmour, Howard Harding and Ian McKenzie reveals Egypt’s unique world squash record and James Willstrop’s book making a prestigious shortlist

  • POINTS OF VIEW examines the Egyptian squash revolution; includes a letter from Phil Whitlock bemoaning the lack of quality control at events; and reviews a clash on drugs policy
  • WORLD SQUASH details the Olympic Countdown
  • HOWARDS’S WAY reviews a young Egyptian matchup, the Malawi no.1’s extraordinary passion for squash, Nicol David’s flashmobs and how Pablo Rawden beat the same player twice in one tournament

  • FEATURES include:
    Nick Matthew and James Willstrop, going head to head, with Rod Gilmour asking the questions, Nicol David explaining what her life is like in Amsterdam, while Ronald Fauvel talks about his job as her structural integrator, Thierry Lincou looking back on his memorable career with Richard Eaton, Ramy Ashour talking to Alan Thatcher about his return to top form and how he conquered his demons, All you want to know in the buildup to the Men’s World Championship and Women’s World Open

  • WORKSHOP comprises:
    Gawain Briars making some points about scoring and tactics, A review of Matthew Syed’s book Bounce, Javier Reviriego Sanz sharing his course experiences, James Willstrop’s book extract details his ‘day of death’, A lesson from Ian McKenzie’s ‘The Squash Workshop’ scrutinising a key area in your game, Peter Nicol advising you to learn from your mistakes and revealing the trauma behind his British Open jinx in his article

    Ross Norman’s report on his trip to Pakistan, James Zug’s letter from America, a summary of Egypt’s Women’s World Championship win, plus news and roundups from the PSA and WSA

    goes back 36 years to Geoff Hunt’s finest hour

    Alan Thatcher provides a personal view of events on and off court


For magazine information and orders please go to:



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2012 Issue 5
(ESR members Issue)

  • Against the Odds
    Rod Gilmour meets Mike Lee, the man behind squash’s Olympic bid

  • Waters’ Comeback
    Richard Eaton charts Alison Waters’ return from a careerthreatening injury

  • Behind the Trojan
    Rod Gilmour examines the team behind double world champion Nick Matthew

  • Squash’s Big Games
    Rod Gilmour previews squash’s inclusion in the 2014 Commonwealth Games

  • Matthew Again
    Malcolm Willstrrop reports on Nick Matthew’s British Grand Prix win

  • Legends Return
    Martin Bronstein is at St George’s Hill in Surrey to watch the return of the legends

  • Calling the Shots
    Expert Advice from the ESR performance team:

  • Keir’s Column: Carter’s Corner: My Sessions: Connecting Up; Young’s Tips: Performing Under Pressure; News; Hand Notation & Analysis; Campion  The Teambuilder.

  • Workshop
    Comment; Q & A: How can I improve my game; Secrets: Prepare to win; Tips from; Book extract: Mountains of Pain; Camps & Courses

  • Shipshape and Bristol Fashion
    Hadrian Stiff, director and founder of elitesquash, reports on the emergence of Bristol as a major centre for the sport in the UK

AND: Off Court news; PSA World Tour; Mathew’s British GP Milestone; On Court; Cleethorpe’s; ESR Roundup, Zug’s Column: Colleges go International; History; Garner’s Gallery; News; Points of View; Letters



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2012 Issue 4

  • Brothers in Arms
    Rod Gilmour reports on Marwan El Shorbagy’s second world junior title 

  • Ahead of her time
    Nour El Sherbini has reached her targets so what’s next asks Rod Gilmour 

  • Golan Heights
    First the lows and now the highsRichard Eaton assesses Borja Golan’s return 

  • How to be WorldClass
    Simon Hartley explains how you can emulate worldclass players by switching your focus quickly 

  • Top Shots
    Willstrop’s backhand volley and the PDA cycle 

  • Book Extract
    Mountian High 

  • Kiwi connection
    Paul Hornsby is in New Zealand

  • Workshop
    Camp America, Coaches Corner, 10 secrets  Prepare to Win, Off Court, PSA World Tour, Klipstein interview, Masters of the Universe, WSA World Tour, On Court, History 40 years ago in The Squash Player magazine



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2012 Issue 3


  • In Great Nick
    Nick Matthew wins a third British Open title at the O2

  • David Challenged
    Nicol David sees off a young pretender to win her fourth Open title

  • Cool Coolhurst
    The Coolhurst club has four new courts in North London

  • Calling the Shots
    Technique or Tactics asks Paul Carter; My Tip’s from Nick Matthew; Performance Analysis

  • Workshop
    Champions secrets, Coaches Corner, Squashskill launch, camps,


AND: Off court, On Court, An Olympic Classic, PSA World Tour, ESR Roundup, InterCounty standings, Gilmour’s Gallery



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2012 Issue 2

  • Talking TV
    The second part of Ian McKenzie’s talk with Joey Barrington

  • Pick of the Future
    Martin Bronstein meets Pakistani hopeful Maria Toor Pakay

  • The Lone Ranger
    Richard Eaton assess World Open surprise package Samantha Teran

  • Star of India
    Richard Eaton meets determinded young Indian star Dipika Pallikal

  • Crisis Management
    Can you change your game when it’s in crisis asks Simon Hartley?

  • What are the Tactics needed to beat Nick Matthew?
    It is not easy but here is what to do?

  • In Gear with Mohamed El Shorbagy

  • Book: Hard Talk
    With the British Open imminent James Willstrop explains what it is like

AND: Canary Wharf, National, RoundUp, Eaton’s World, Thatcher abroad; Ayton on the essence of sport; obituary  Nur Khan; USA today



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2012 Issue 1

  • Nick Mathew  My World Open
    The world champion’s diary from Rotterdam with Rod Gilmour

  • David’s Masterclass
    The world champions top 10 tactics

  • Willstrop launches new book
    James Willstrop’s year in a new book with Rod Gilmour

  • The Best Yet
    James Willstrop tells Richard Eaton how he reached world no.1

  • Mentally in tune
    The right mental state means everything explains Simon Hartley

  • Calling the Shots
    The ESR’s performance team on: Seminars, Keir’s column; Carter’s Corner; Alison Water’s practice tips; Lee Drew interview and Robbo’s Routines

AND: Pro Tips from James Willstrop; Newton’s Law; In Gear with James Willstrop; Return of the Open; Bronstein’s Travels, Talking to Joey, Malcolm Willstrop honoured, Inflating Squash, Shabana ends British Jinx



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2011 Issue 6

  • Gaultier hot in Desert
    Gregory Gaultier triumphs in Qatar and the young talent comes through

  • Perfection
    Nicol David hits top form for her sixth world title

  • Life or Death
    Nick Matthew finds the meaning of life in Rotterdam

  • Palmer’s Last Post
    Twotime champion David Palmer makes his last appearance in the World Open

  • Q & A
    Opponents read my game easily  what should I do?

  • Top Shots
    Nick Matthew’s Straight Backhand Drive

  • Reviewing your mental game
    When you are reviewing your performances don’t forget your mental game advises Simon Hartley

  • In Gear with Karim Darwish

AND: Zug on Bermuda, Garner’s Gallery, Gilmour’s World Open diary, Squash Dope, Steve Line gets emotional, Magdi Saad obituary



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2011 Issue 5 

  • Q & A
    Training – what is the best training

  • Secrets
    How to talk positively to yourself

  • Carter’s Corner
    Get Moving

  • Chris Robertson
    The National Coach talks to Jayden Hocking  ‘Keep it simple’ he says

  • 90 second and counting
    How to you advise players between games

  • Book Review
    The Anatomy of Stretching

  • Kit Mot
    How do you score?

  • In Gear with Peter Barker


Club Scene, League participation problem, Hallamshire – Vision and Action, Masterclass at the Nationals, Ryder King in Kent, PSA World Tour, From the Gallery with Gilmour.



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2011 Issue 4 

  • A Very Competitive Man
    Martin Bronstein talks to the millionaire backing the Danish team

  • Nearly Man
    Former world no.2 Gogi Allauddin tells his unique story

  • Q & A:
    Keeping it tight
    What to do if your shots keep coming out from the side wall

  • Off Court with Gregory Gaultier
    What is your dream car asks The Squash Player?

  • What makes a Great Coach?

  • Wycliffe Times

  • Game on with Ramy Ashour

  • In Gear with Laurens Jan Anjema

AND: Olympic news, world team preview, Locker Room, Resources, On Court, PSA World Tour, Marwan El Shorbagy, world junior champion; Zug from the US; Thatcher at Richmond, Zug at world junior championships, Garner from the Gallery



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2011 Issue 3

  • Game On with Nick Matthew
    Nick Matthew’s favourite shots, practices and tips

  • Secrets of Winning Squash
    How to sense the gaps

  • Pro Points
    Peter Nicol explains how to move up in the game

  • What makes a Great Player
    Simon Hartley looks beyond the obvious

  • Locker Room
    Amr Shabana explains how important his equipment is to him

  • Rural Academy
    Matt Wagg visits Hunt’s Country Squash club in rural Cambridgeshire and finds out why it is flourishing

AND: Movement, Squash Diary, Jon Carney on facilities, England back on top in Europe, Classic Nick at Canary Wharf, Selby national champion, Masters Move on at the Nationals, PSL  final, Thatcher from the Gallery



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2011 Issue 2 

  • Know when to attack
    Learn the 10 secrets of winning squash

  • Top Shots
    Anjema’s Clinging Touch Drop

  • Q &A
    Learning to Volley Drop

  • Maintaining Momentun
    Simon Hartley investigates the phenomenon of psychological momentum and explains how to get (and keep) things your way

  • Overhead and Overlooked
    Getting the lights right on your courts


Coaching Conference, Squash Diary, Jahangir’s Club, New Jahangir DVD, On Court, Gallery, Tournament of Champions, Natalie Grinham, Natalie Grainger is Principal, Squash Awards



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2011 Issue 1

  • Mental Mastery
    Joe Laredo reviews Mental Mastery: the Tried and Tested Techniques for Exceptional Sports Performance by Ken Way

  • Matchplay
    Learn to recover from poor positions

  • New Book: Run to the Roar

  • Rule Matters
    Strokes off the back wall

  • Q & A: Hamstring pain

  • Top Shots: Atkinson’s Pressure Volley

  • RazorSharp Focus
    Simon Hartley explains how to focus like a laser


Women’s World Teams, England’s First World Champion, The Maker of Champions – Malcolm Willstorp; Luxor the squash temple, Locker Room Movement, Club News, Grand Designs at Edgbaston Priory; what is the difference between a club and a facility; On court Roundup and the London Open


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2010 Issue 6

  • Worth the Wait
    Richard Eaton reviews the squash at the 2010 Commonwealth Games

  • FaceOff
    Rod Gilmour considers the implications of the PSA/PST spat

  • Onenight Stand
    Martin Bronstein talks to John Nimick about his latest innovation in squash

  • Pro Points
    Liz Irving, Nicol David’s coach, about the training a world champion does

  • Racket Review

  • Learn from Everything
    Simon Hartley explains the prerequisites for success

  • Power Academy
    Former world champion Jonathon Power tells Martin Bronstein why he is setting up a squash academy in Toronto


FitzGerald comeback; Power Academy; Maintaining your floors; New Book on Mental Mastery; Q & A: Hitting hard or placement, Top Shots: Willstrop’s Classic Crosscort; Pro Point from; Rules Matters: Distraction.



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2010 Issue 5

  • Five High
    Richard Eaton talks to fivetimes world champion Nicol David

  • Legends: A Blast from the Past
    Tim Garner catches up with legends from the past

  • Kit MOT
    Is your kit ready for action?

  • Q &A
    Too much information between games; Thigh pain & exercise

  • Liz Irving’s Top Practices
    Nicol David’s coach Liz Irving explains her top practices for: speed and anticipation, volleying, going short, and forcing the boast



Squash Dairy, Matchplay secrets, Pro Points, Top Shots,



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2010 Issue 4 

  • Sobhy It
    Joe Laredo talks to America’s first world squash champion

  • A Psychological Battle
    Richard Eaton preview the Women’s World Open

  • Russian Evolution
    James Grosvenor reports on the growth of squash in Russia

  • The Deceptive Miss Kawy
    Ian Mckenzie interviews the games most deceptive player

  • More than Cakes
    Martin Bronstein goes behind the scenes at Pontefract S & LC

AND: Mick Todd interviewed, Foam Rolling, Motivation, Q & A Coaching, Stability, Dipika Pallikal ...



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2010 Issue 3

  • England Shock in Provence
    Ian Mckenzie reports on the European Championships in France

  • Carrie On Attacking
    Rod Gilmour talks to European Junior Champion Carrie Ramsey

  • A Question of Belief
    Martin Bronstein interviews new world no.9 Daryl Selby

  • Power Tips
    Tips for your game from former world no.1 Jonathon Power.

  • A Different Ball Park
    Ian Mckenzie visits Surrey Sports Park
    Real Goals
    Simon Hartley on making Goal Setting successful


POV – the Making of Matthew; too many mistakes; five top tips from Jonathon Power; Masters, InterCounty, Garner From the Gallery



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2010 Issue 2


  • Tireless Innovator
    Joe Laredo interviews ASB founder Horst BabinksySquash in the Spotlight

  • Richard Eaton
    looks forward to the Commwealth Games

  • Strength Training

  • Allistair McCaw recommends cable exercises

  • No Pressure

  • Sports Psychologist Simon Hartley dispells the myths on pressure

  • No Regrets

  • Martin Bronstein profiles hardball champion Sharif Khan

AND ...

Shelley moves to WSF, A long appeal for video referees, WISPA Chief resigns, Books  clear steps, Q & A, Right Moves, Rising Star: Nicolas Mueller



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2010 Issue 1

  • Out of the Wilderness
    Martin Bronstein on the rise of Jenny Duncalf

  • Comeback Kid
    The return of Laurence Delasaux

  • Egyptian Clean Sweep
    Joe Laredo reports on the British Junior Open

  • England Double in Doha
    Ian McKenzie watches Jenny Duncalf and Nick Matthew surprise in Qatar

  • Confidence
    Simon Hartly explains how to control confidence in your game

  • RICE
    Phil Newton on how to treat sprains

  • Healthy Eating
    Eat well to do well explains Allistair McCaw

  • Turn defence into attack
    Use the lob explains Liz Irving


Top shot on Lincou’s feel, Steve Lewis says back to basics for a successful club; the Club Scene at Dolphin Square; Good news on Racketball explains Scarlett Smith, new books, British Open; Jean Reynolds Obituary.



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2009 Issue 6

  • Squash to go Live
    Ian McKeznie interviews Lee Beachill on the PSA’s TV plans

  • New Hope for Squash
    Squash’s Olympic hopes are not completely dead explains Richard Eaton

  • Local Derby
    Ian Mckenzie is in Amsterdam to watch Nicol David line up against Natalie Grinham

  • World Domination
    The Egyptian team claims a fourth world title

  • Sun, Sea and Squash
    Ian McKenzie splashes out with the girls in Sharm el Sheikh.

  • Kuwait World Open
    Richard Eaton is in Kuwait for an intriguing Men’s World Open.

  • Periodisation
    planning to peak at the right time


Q & A – Physio Phil Newton answers your questions; Club scene in Canada, Shabana’s Fourth title, letters,  Top Shots – Ramy’s touch, Interview Clive Cardwell, Gallery …



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2009 Issue 5

  • Matthew at the Double
    Willstrop is again denied a British Open title this time by Nick Matthew who wins the National and British Open double

  • Something Old, Something New
    British Open Masters don’t get any younger

  • Comeback Girl
    Martin Bronstein interviews Madeline Perry

  • Equipment Guide
    Kit Essentials

  • In the Bag
    Nick Matthew loads up for action

  • Q & A: Plantar fascitis.
    What is it? Should I be using the volley boast.

  • Improving your game

  • How do you Rate?
    Committ to get Squash Fit
    Allistair McCaw on how to improve your fitness with just a little fitness training.


Top Shots – Lincou’s Volley, On court, PSL, Gallery, the Club Scene at St George’s Hill, ESR the big picture.



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2009 Issue 4

  • New Look for PSA

  • World Junior Championships in Chennai

  • On the Hunt
    Ijaz Chaudhry meets up with the legendary Geoff Hunt in Qatar

  • Gentleman Jim
    Rob Jolly profiles 1939 British Open Champion Jim Dear

  • Golan Heights
    Martin Bronstein accounts for the rise of Borja Golan

  • Better Late Than Never
    Martin Bronstein profiles the new world no.2 Natalie Grainger

  • Twice as Hard
    James Zug reports on the US World Hardball Doubles.

  • Workshop:
    Little Changes … Big Results
    Allistair McCaw explains how to make changes to your game

  • Q&A what to do if opponent’s hit winners out of the air … and your game is predictable

Egyptian girls win world title; international column; profiles on Mohamed El Shorbagy and Nour el Sherbini; Top shots – John White’s drive; Preview Women’s World Open; On Court roundup; Gallery and more …



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2009 Issue 3

  • Weapons of Choice

  • Racket review, buyers guide and expert advice from Paul Hargrave

  • Beachill’s Destiny

  • Martin Bronstin interviews Lee Beachill on his retirement

  • Tough as Tania
    Martin Brontein profiles Tania Bailey

  • England Repel European Threat
    Ian McKenzie goes to Malmo to see England threatened but resilient

  • Palmer’s Canary
    A roundup of the action from Canary Wharf

  • Workshop Q &A
    Injury advice, length and rules

Thatcher on Thursday; Norman Wilby Tribute; New look for ES&R; Peter Nicol ‘Still Running’; National Age event; Simon Parke’s marriage; Tom Richards profiled; National Club Championships; InterCounty and more …



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2009 Issue 2

  • In the Olympic Finishing Straight
    Ricard Eaton reports on the vital campaign for Olympic inclusion.

  • Darwish no.1
    Martin Bronstein interviews the new world no.1 Karim Darwish.

  • Matthew Masterclass
    Nick Matthew returns to top the top of British Squash. Ian McKenzie is impressed.

  • Egyptian takeover in Sheffield
    Ijaz Chaudry, watches the Egyptian domination of the British Junior Open in Sheffield.

  • Future Stars
    Ijaz Chaudry interviews India’s Mahesh Mangaonkar in Malaysias’ Wee Wern Low.

  • Tough at the TOC
    Martin Bronstein enjoys the familiarity of NY and a great lineup at the TOC.

  • MCCaw on Focus
    What seperates the best from the rest? Focus says Allistair McCaw.


Martin Bronstein interviews John Nimick; Camps and Courses; Thatcher in Thursday International News; Ian Wright tribute; Selby sets sights; PSL; Garner’s Gallery.


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2009 Issue 1

  • Mr SquashCity
    Ian McKenzie talks to Manchester’s Jim Quigley

  • Slow start, terrific finish
    ‘Not a dry eye in the hosue’ – writes Martin Bronstien.

  • Barker has arrived
    Martin Bronstein interviews world no.9 Peter Barker

  • Are you a high performer
    Allistair MCCaw indentifies 25 high Performance qualities.

  • MCCaws Quick Tips
    Dynamic Dumbell Drillss

And …

Olympic Pledge, Thatcher on Thursday, Becoming a Coach, Squash Physio, Coaching Clinic, Julie Field, Masters in New Zealand, On Court and Garner’s Gallery.


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2008 Issue 6

  • The Squash Oscars
    Alltime greats honoured in Manchester

  • New World Order
    Ramy Ashour beats Amr Shabana and Karim Darwish to world title

  • Botwright Bows Out
    Martin Bronstein watches Vicky Botwright Bow out in style

  • Ramy Ashour
    World Champion

  • Martin Bronstein interviews the new world champion

  • Officials 11; Players 9
    ... the uneasy move to PAR scoring to 11

  • McCaw on Core
    ... Allistair McCaw shows how you can dramatically improve your performance by strengthening our core.

AND ...

Nicol David, World Champion; Masters of the Universe; Darwish in Qatar; Egypt World Champions, Reedie in Manchester; On Court; Garner from the Gallery.


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2008 Issue 5


  • Showdown
    Manchester prepares for the World Opens

  • The Last Push
    James Willstrop challenges for the top

  • Q & A:
    Alison Waters

  • Matthew is Back
    Martin Bronstein interviews Nick Matthew on his return to the game.

  • Invest in Yourself
    Conditioning guru Allistair McCaw on the best way to improve your performance

  • Workshop
    Quick warmup tips from McCaw


Racketlon,  Worlds Preview, Graeme Williams – ‘Development by Enthusiasm’, Squash Physio, Coaching Clinic, Club Scene – Norman Event, England in Switzerland, Déjà vu in Nottingham, Lee From the Gallery …



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2008 Issue 4

  • Irving Attacks Rule Changes
    ‘Leave a way back’ pleads Liz Irving

  • Dutch Aim Higher
    Ian McKenzie meets up with Tommy Berden and Arno Stolwijk

  • Richard Graham Profile
    Squash Player profiles the new man at the PSA

  • The First World Champion
    The fantastic story of Heather McKay

  • Player of the Future
    Martin Bronstein Profiles Aamir Atlas Khan and Mohamed el Shorbagy

  • Shoulder Pain
    Physio Phil Newton explains the causes of shoulder pain

  • Club Scene
    Making your club vibrant


New doubles rules, Pakistan Junior Triumph, Basil Hebden tribute, Barker Foils French Coup, Return to Liverpool Street, Garner from the Gallery…




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2008 Issue 3

  • England Top Europe
    England win the men’s and women’s titles in Europe 

  • Walker Steps Up
    Alister Walker steps up at the National Championships

  • Azam Shuns Greatness
    Part 11 of Ijaz Chaudhry’s feature on Azam Khan

  • Club Scene
    Getting into the Enterprise Mindset

  • Finding The Squash Niche
    Martin Bronstein goes to Canary Wharf 

  • Palmer Nicks British Open Title
    Ian McKenzie watches an epic British Open final


Laura LengthornMassaro profile, Willstrop’s World Dream,

Jeannie Cowie profile, On Court, Marathon Men…



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2008 Issue 2

  • Marshall Back In Town
    Peter Marshall is back, in Masters squash

  • Meet El Shorbagy

  • Ijaz Chaudhry
    on the new junior sensation

  • Azam Khan
    Was he the greatest?

  • National titles for Willstrop and Waters 

  • Achilles Pain
    Your guide to Achilles Pain and what to do about it.

  • Missing the Point
    Ian McKenzie comments that referees are rewarding players for not playing the ball 


Briars resignation, world squash awards, Rutnagur Award, All change at PSA, Summer Squashing, Coaching Clinic…




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2008 Issue 1

  • Scintillating Shabana
    Shabana hits top from in Bermuda
  • Amr Shabana
    “I am reborn”
  • Masterful Open
    The British Open Masters
  • The Price is Right
    Justyn Price explains his job in squash
  • Manchester Connected
    From Beginner to Champion in Manchester
  • Squash Courses
    Courses and Camps were you can improve

AND ...
England’s World Title win, Graham Stevenson has a passion for squash,  Garner’s Gallery


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2007 Issue 6

  • French Revolution
    Ian McKenzie watches Gregory Gaultier’s at the British Open
  • Rachael’s Resurrection
    Rachael Grinham’s spectacular World Open win
  • Raneem El Weleily
    Martin Bronstein interviews the double world junior champion
  • Zubair’s London Dream
    Danny Lee interviews Zubair Jahan Khan
  • Patriot Games
    Colin McQuillan investigates Major Games competitions
  • Shabana on Course
    Ian McKenze is in Qatar
    A new set of reels.

AND ...
Jansher’s Comeback bid, Tribute to Eric Farr, World View, Gaultier Q & A, McQuillan from the Gallery



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2007 Issue 5

  • Adrian Grant
    Player of the Month
  • Joey Barrington
    Q & A
  • Online but personal
    Racket guru Gary Spindler explains his racket business
  • Wishing Well
    Colin McQuillan visits Bishop's Stortford
    The Squash Racket
    Dominic Bliss provides a buyer's guide
  • Workshop
    Power's Practices
    Take some advice from Jonathon Power

AND ...
HiTec makes an impact, Raneem at the Double, Final Goodbye to Lambs, a Fund of Good Ideas, Racketball at Stourbridge, From the Gallery by Danny Lee



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2007 ISSUE 4

  • Ramy Ashour
    The Making of a Legend
    Player of the Month Interview
  • Natalie Grinham
    My Sport Q & A interview
  • Squash Ankle
    Squash Player physio Phil Newton provides advice on the most common of squash injuries
  • El Hindi
    Cutting a Dash profile by Colin McQuillan
  • Workshop
    Power's Practices, Rule Points, Anticipation ...
  • Burn and Crash
    Refuelling advise from EIS Nutritionalist Mark Ellison
  • Remote Control
    Booking your squash courts
    on line ...

    and part 2
    Netherland's score dramatic win over France and challenge England in two Euro finals; Duffield's title; Colets, Colets, Colets... ; Ramy is a Shooting Star in Qatar; Tour Roundup, Joey Barrington From the Gallery.


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2007 ISSUE 3

  • Player of the Month
    James Willstrop  Brutual at the top
  • LauraJane Lengthorn
    A foot in the door
  • Zena Wooldridge
    New England Squash Chair rolls up her sleeves
  • Tennis, Squash, Badminton, Table Tennis
    How does squash rate?
  • Workshop
    Match Play: Taking time and creating time, when to lob.
  • Rules: Timewasting
  • Review: Jonathon Power's New DVD
  • Equipment Guide
    Indepth advise on choosing a squash shoe

    The ISS Canary Wharf Classic, A TaylorMade Winner  the Nationals Masters competition, Danny Lee from the Gallery, Waller and Lust break through, Sunshine Masters, Adrian Wright's grand slam,



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2007 ISSUE 2

  • Workshop Poster
    The Dynamic Warmup
    Key exercises explained.
  • Prevention and Cure
    Dominic Bliss investigates what you can do to avoid injury.
  • Liz Irving
    Coaching a World Champion
  • Nicol David
    Player of the Month
    Richard Eaton reports on the Amsterdam connection.
  • Hickox Back
    Danny Lee interviews Malaysian maestro Jamie Hickox
  • Egyptians Again
    Colin McQuillan finds the Egyptian juniors on top at Abbeydale.
  • New British Champions
    Ian McKenzie is at the British National Championship.

    Sports Sponsorship, Alan Frame Obituary, Decourcy interview, Grainger Swears in for the USA, Summer Squashing Courses, Club Scene, Workshop, Practice No.10, the Men¹s Tour, Nick Matthew From the Gallery.


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2007 ISSUE 1

  • David Becomes Goliath Richard Eaton watches as Nicol David wins her second world title in Belfast.

  • Barrington The World Squash Awards honour Jonah Barrington with the Lifetime Achievement Award.

  • Player of the Month Nick Mattew

  • Martin Bronstein interview British Open champion Nick Matthew.

  • Father and Son
    Danny Lee profiles the Woodliffes.

  • Masterful Squash
    The British Open Masters event enjoys a special cameraderie. Ian McKenzie reports.

  • Mastershot
    Take a lesson by studing Beachill’s aim.

  • Practice no.9
    Alternative Drive/Crosscourt & Boast. 

    And summer camps for all, Player’s Scene, Gallery



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2006 ISSUE 6

  • Palmer scales the Pyramid David Palmer stages an unlikely comeback to win the world title at the foot of the Pyramids. Richard Eaton reports.

  • Matthew brings the title home Ian McKenzie watches Nick Matthew seize his opportunity to win the British Open title.

  • Masters of the World George Mieras reports on the world’s largest tournament.

  • England’s Era England women win the world title to hold both the men’s and women’s world team titles.

  • If only Gregory Gaultier is only a hairs breadth from the world title and wins the US Open.

  • Danny Lee’s Interview Danny Lee interviews world universities champion Chris Ryder.

  • EQUIPMENT GUIDE Dominic Bliss investigates what products are available for eye protection.

  • WORKSHOP Peter Nicol demonstrates classic technique but his drive posses a question for you – how long should you hit yours?

  • AND Player’s Scene, International and and On Court.



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2006 ISSUE 5 

  • The French English Open Colin McQuillan says goodbye to Peter Nicol and watches Thierry Lincou and Gregory Gaultier battle for the English title.

  • Jenny Duncalf Not Bad But …
    Martin Bronstein assesses Jenny Duncalf’s progress.

  • Winning and Losing
    Martin Bronstein asks Lee Beahcill about winning, losing and dropping out of the top ten.

  • EQUIPMENT GUIDE Dominic Bliss investigates what you can play with this season and Israel Gefen provides a buyer’s guide on what to look for in a new racket.

  • WORKSHOP Practice no.7 will allow you to practice that allimportant up and down the court movement. Mastershot ­ learn from James Willstrop’s backhand straight drop.

  • GALLERY Andy Bunting makes a guest appearance.

  • AND: Ben Garner’s Players Scene and all the news from England Squash including the Steve Amos interview.




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2006 Issue 4

  • EQUIPMENT GUIDE What's on the market and how to get the best from your strings for the crucial connection.
  • WORKSHOP Groin Pain Prevention
    Philip Newton introduces an exercise circuit designed to help prevent groin pain.
  • Ramy's Double Ramy Ashour wins his second world junior title in New Zealand Aaron Smale reports.
  • Egypt's Cliffhanger Egypt survives and takes the world junior title from Pakistan
  • Player of the Future Ramy Ashour talks about his life in Cairo to Ben Garner.
  • Hunt in Qatar Squash Legend Geoff Hunt takes up a new challenge in Qatar.
  • David gets into winning ways Colin McQuillan surveys the field at the Qatar Airways Challenge.
  • European Standings England repel the French as Europe sorts out its pecking order.



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2006 Issue 3

  • Rickett’s Super Title Anthony Ricketts comes through a controversial final at Broadgate.

  • Lincou’s Liverpool Comeback Thierry Lincou stages a famous comeback at Liverpool 08.

  • Lee Beachill in Balance Martin Bronstein talks to Lee Beachill on his lifestyle balance.

  • French at the Gates England win European Championship title but are threatened by the French.

  • Squash Physio A new series on problem areas by squash physio Phillip Newton.

  • Summer Squash Courses

  • And … Shabana’s racket.. Player’s scene … Ball Rule Controversy …Duffield’s Premier League win …Beachill’s Forehand Clinger … Q&A: Lacking a Drop Shot?  … On Court … From the Gallery.



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2006 Issue 2

  • Melbourne 2006 The inside story from Melbourne by John Murray  and its England verses Australia.
  • Nicol's Inspiration
    Peter Nicol interviewed on what inspired him to gold glory.
  • Virtual Paradise
  • Amr Shabana comes out on top in Bermuda but can he keep it up.
  • Natalie's Surprise
    Natalie Grinham flies to triple gold in Melbourne
  • Power Quits at the top
  • Equipment Guide Purchasing your squash shoes .Squash
  • Psychology Jenny Tranfield examines how we can learn to do it better.



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2006 Issue 1

  • Nicol wins gold in Commonwealth Games
    John Murray follows the action in Melbourne 2006 as the fairy tale comes true for a Peter Nicol near the end of his career. Natalie Grinham surprises.

  • Thierry Lincou wins at Canary Wharf

  • Matthew and Bailey win National titles
    Ian McKenzie reports on the action in Manchester

  • Adhihetty Masters Champion
    All the action from the Masters competition

  • Win Brit Insurance Super Series Finals tickets

  • Tania Bailey is Player of the Month



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2005 Issue 8

  • England World Team Champions
    Colin McQuillan is in Islamabad to watch England regain the world team title. 

  • Shabana’s World Title
    Richard Eaton reports from Hong Kong.

  • Nicol David  finds her destiny
    Colin McQuillan reports on Nicol David’s first world title.

  • The British Open Masters competition
    Stuart Hardy reports on the British Open Masters Championships.

  • Vicky Botwright is Player of the Month

  • Workshop
    Squashed feet, Willstrop’s backhand Mastershot, Concentration 3.




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2005 Issue 7

  • Ricketts and David
    Ian McKenzie reports from the Dunlop British Open in Manchester as Anthony Ricketts and Nicol David collect titles.

  • Goodbye Heather
    Colin McQuillan bids farewell to Hong Kong’s Heather Dayton.

  • Nicol David is Player of the Month 

  • In Conversation
    Martin Bronstein talks to Peter Nicol 

  • Racket Review 2
    Part 2 of Dominic Bliss’s investigation  into the racket market. 

  • Are Orthotics for you?
    What are orthotics and are they useful for squash? 

  • Your winning profile
    Tegwin Willis helps you to pinpoint what you really need to improve your game.


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2005 Issue 6

  • Rackets Online
    What’s new in the racket market and where you can get it.

  • Nicol’s Own Goal
    Colin McQuillan watches Peter Nicol revive himself at his own tournament.

  • Peter Nicol is Player of the Month

  • Practical Concentration
    Jenny Tranfield provides practical tips for better concentration

  • Workshop
    Rules Quiz, Rules Q &  A, Concentration 2, Nutrition 1, Strength and Conditioning, Q&A.


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2005 Issue 5

  • The World Games
    A tale of two Nicols.

  • Raneem rules the junior world
    Martin Bronstein reports from the World Junior Championships in Herentels.

  • Chinese Crackers
    Hong Kong springs a surprise at the Women’s World Junior Team Championships.

  • Raneem el Welely Player of  the Month

  • Thierry Lincou
    Thierry Lincou explains that being world no.1 is not just about playing well on court.

  • Workshop
    Q & A, Rules Quiz, Mastershot, Practice No.5, Concentration, John White’s backhand volley drop.


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2005 Issue 4

  • Win a professional evening at your club

  • England Squash
     Wolverhamption surprise in National League.

  • Linda Elriani Part 11
    The second part of Richard Eatons’s article.

  • Botwright Saves England Squash
    England women have a fight on their hands.

  • Super Power turns tables
    Jonathon Power wins the Super Series Finals.

  •  Alison Waters is Player of the Month.

  • The Mind Game
    Confidence is the key says Jenny Tranfield

  • Lee Beachill ‘ My Game’
     Lee Beachill on his game and his training.


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2005 Issue 3

  • The story of Thierry Lincou’s world title

  •  Jonathon Power on top in Bermuda.

  • Technology that could revolutionise squash tv.

  • Martin Bronstein on Bermuda’s  plans

  • Brief History of Squash to 1900

  • In the footsteps of legends
    Martin Bronstein on Anthony Ricketts

  • Workshop
    Mastershot – Beachill’s attacking boast, Ross Norman, Rules Quiz and David Palmer’s deceptive backhand drop shot.

  • The Mind Game
    New series from Jenny Tranfield.

  • John White's splash at Canary Wharf

  • Nick Matthew writes From the Gallery


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2005 Issue 2

  • Beachill makes it three, Linda at last,
    Cowley seizes cup

    Ian McKenzie on the story to the 2005 National Championships.

  • Jackman’s Day is Done
    Doyen or squash writers Dicky Rutnagur bids farewell to Cassie Jackman

  • On the Brink
    Martin Bronstein runs into young England hope Tom Richards

  • Help and hard work
    Richard Eaton interviews Player of the Month Linda Elriani won winning the National title after 17 attempts.

  • Workshop:
    Rules Quiz, Rule Points, Mastershot: Beachill backhand straight drop and the Coaching Clinic Q & A.


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2005 Issue 1

  • Lincou Escapes to Victory
    Richard Eaton weaves a story of Thierry Lincou’s world title journey.

  • Better Late Than Never
    Martin Bronstein interviews Graham Ryding.

  • Fantasy Becomes Reality
    Richard Eaton is captivated by Vanessa Atkinson’s appearance atthe World Open.

  • Player of the Month: Vanessa Atkinson

  • The British Open Junior Championships: 4 Egyptian winners, 3 Pakistani, 1 Indian
    – a new future for squash .

  • Workshop:
    David Palmer’s Backhand Crosscourt Volley, Rules Q & A, Practice 4.

  • International


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2004 Issue 9

  • The British Open in Pictures
    Top photogapher Stephen Line provides the images of the 2004 Harrris British Open.

  • Masters in the Park
    The popular British Open Masters competition held at the Park Club and the Albert Hall in Nottingham.

  • Beachill: My Game
    The Squash Player interviews Lee Beachill on his game.

  • Mastershot
    Peter Nicol attacks with a forehand drop. The camera freezes the brilliant split second action of the top players.

  • Player of the month: Lee Beachill
    Martin Bronstein interviews  Lee Beachill.

  • Matthew on Barker
    A Nick Matthew interview.



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2004 Issue 8

  • What a racket 2
    In with the new, on with the old. Part 2 of Joe Laredo's racket review.

  • Sister Act
    The Grinham sisters hold England at bay. Richard Eaton reports.

  • Rusty Koys
    Martin Bronstein talks to the new squash man in Europe.

  • Chalonr meet Ivan
    Mark Chaloner is blown away and misses the US Open.

  • Rubber Man Departs
    Danny Lee marks the passing of the magical Gamal Awad.

  • Player of the Month
    Natalie Grinham
    Richard Eaton interviews the girl who clinched the world title for Australia.

  • The British Open Story
    The full British Open story from Ian McKenzie in Nottingham.


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2004 Issue 7

  • What a racket
    New offerings or old favourites? Joe Laredo takes a look at the racket market for the new season.

  • The Wright Club
    Sue Wright is taking risks again, this time with her own club. Richard Eaton reports.

  • Booking Online
    Martin Bronstein discovers the modern way to book your squash court.

  • Peter Barker interviewed
    Nick Matthew interviews England’s brightest young talent.

  • PLAYER OF THE MONTH: Simon Parke
    Richard Eaton finds out why Simon Parke is back running.

  • Mamut & the English Open
    Why Mamut is into squash and Malcolm Willstrop’s review of the English Open.

  • Rules Quiz
    Win a Karakal racket.


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2004 Issue 6

  • What's the score
    The PSA's Gawain Briars explains the reasons behind the change to PAR 11. Experts give their views.

  • Ashour & Pakistan
    George Meiras reports from Islamabad on the Men's World Juniors

  • Karakal Rules Quiz
    Win a Karakal MTXi 125 racket

  • Who is the Greatest?
    The SquashPlayer alltime greats Summer Poll, plus how the soothsayers did ...

  • Heather McKay
    Ian McKenzie tells the fantastic story of Heather McKay

  • Player of the Month: Karim Darwish
    Richard Eaton explains that there are ghosts in Egyptian squash

  • Mamut English Open
    Ian McKenzie watches Lee Beachill find the groove


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2004 Issue 5

    In part 1 of a new series, Lee Beachill discusses his game with The Squash Player

    The Squash Player continues its series on past British Open champions, profiling Amy Bey

    Thierry Lincou comes through the top eight field to snatch the Super Series Finals title at Broadgate

  • NICK MATTHEW: Player of the Month
    Nick Matthew keeps inching his way up. Richard Eaton interviews the Player of the Month

    Winning team events is not just about having better players or better resources, explains Paul Carter  it's also about Team Spirit

    Steve Cubbins recounts his experience at the National League Finals

  • PLUS ... the usual
    News, On Court, Rankings, Directory, Calendar, Gallery, Workshop, and more ...

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2004 Issue 4

    Ian McKenzie talks to Ashraf Hanafi on his relationship with Amr Shabana

    Part 3 of Paul Turken's series on the coaching business

    Player of the Month Corinne Castets talks to Framboise Gommendy after an emotional farewell to the game

    Joe Kneipp talks about his game, his training and what he has to do to improve

    Fritz Borchert reports from Doha on the PSA Masters and the WISPA Grand Prix Finals

    Joe Laredo investigates the lifestyle of a young lady on the squash circuit  Katline Cauwels

    Framboise Gommendy steps onto home soil for the European Team Championships in Renne

  • PLUS ... the usual
    News, On Court, Rankings, Directory, Calendar, Gallery, Workshop, and more ...



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2004 Issue 3

    Lee Beachill is the first player to put his name on the Bermuda Open trophy... Dan Rutstein reports

    Squash Player revisits the world of the first
    British Open champion ...

    Framboise Gommendy interviews Tim Garner,
    player, promoter and organiser ...

    Culinary expert Martin Bronstein has a
    night out at Canary Wharf ...

    Richard Eaton interviews player of the month
    Thierry Lincou on being world number one
    but not world champion ...

    Official tournament programme for the Brit Insurance Super Series Finals included in this issue

  • PLUS ... the usual
    News, On Court, Rankings, Directory, Calendar, Gallery, Workshop, and more ...


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2004 Issue 2

  • Whitewash at the Nationals
    Ian McKenzie watches as Peter Nicol crashes
    and John White goes through to a National title

  • Carry on Cassie
    Cassie Jackman sets a National Championship
    record in Manchester

  • Marvellous Masters
    All the action from the National Championships
    in the popular age group events

  • Hanley Tackles White
    Malcolm Willstrop reports on rugby league legend Ellery Hanley's interest in squash and his influence
    on new world no 1 John White.

  • Amr Shabana
    Richard Eaton examines the complex character
     of the World Champion

  • PLUS ... the usual
    News, On Court, Rankings, Directory, Calendar, Gallery, Workshop,
    and more ...


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2004 Issue 1

  • Nicol back to winning ways
    Robert Edwards reports from the
    Middle Eastern hub of Squash ...

  • Worlds from HK
    Colin McQuillan comments on the
    Women's World Open in Hong Kong ...

  • Carol Owens
    World #1 Carol Owens wins the world title and
    quits at the top  Martin Bronstein's interview ...

  • Coaches Communication!
    Paul Turken in part 11 of an article based on his European Coaching Conference presentation ...

  • Shabana heads World Revolution
    Richard Eaton watches the greatest upsets in
    squash history in Pakistan ...

  • Talent at Sheffield
    Malcolm Willstrop reports on the Britih Junior Open in Sheffield, and has some strong comments on eligibility issues ...

  • 50 Tips you can use
    Pullout poster with 50 top tips for
    improving your game ... and your results ...


PLUS ... the usual
News, On Court, Rankings, Directory,
Calendar, Gallery, and more ...

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2003 Issue 10, December
England Squash Edition

  • Champions of the future
    Nicky Crowther speaks to the U17 champions Rachel Willmott and Chris Simpson

  • In the Bag
    Peter Nicol takes us through the equipment he uses, how he prepares it, and he explains how crucial it is to his success

  • New World Champions
    Carol Owens and Amr Shabana win world opens in Hong Kong and Lahore

  • My Open Adventure
    Phil Collins ventures out of Hertfordshire, briefly, to enter the British Open

  • Player of the month:
    James Willstrop
    Simon Parke interviews the young player who has supplanted him in the England team

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PLUS ... the usual
News, On Court, Rankings, Directory,
Calendar, Gallery, and more ...


2003 Issue 9, December
International Edition

  • WSF Conference
    Ted Wallbutton rounds up happenings at the WSF Conference in Vienna, and what's happening in the World scene

  • Aussie Champions
    France KO England and fight Australia  Ian McKenzie reports from Vienna

  • Coaches Communication
    Coaches are in business, and reputation and brand building are all part of the job, explains Paul Turken ...

  • British Open Ages
    Report and Results from the British Open masters events

  • Rachael Grinham  player of the month
    Martin Bronstein talks to the British Open champion

  • Tactics
    A3 poster highlighting the tactical do's and dont's for your game


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PLUS ... the usual
News, On Court, Rankings, Directory,
Calendar, Gallery, and more ...


2003 Issue 8, Oct/Nov
England Squash Edition

  • Rackets, Rackets, Rackets
    Buy now, says Joe Laredo after reviewing the rackets available this season

  • Good Lord
    Joe Laredo talks to Paul Lord about his squash career and his new business career in squash

  • Palmer Again
    David Palmer is making a habit of collecting titles. The 2001 British Open champion returned with a vengeance to snatch the 2003 edition ... Ian McKenzie reports

  • Grinham's Surprise
    Cairobased Aussie Rachael Grinham surprised everyone at the British Open, including herself ... Ian McKenzie watched her work her way through a nervous field

  • England's World Champions
    England has five new World Champions following the World Masters in Finland. Martin Bronstein interviews four of them ...


  • PLUS ... the usual
    News, On Court, Rankings, Directory, Calendar, Gallery, and more ..

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2003 Issue 7, September 2003
International Edition

  • Master Van Der Wath
    George Meiras reports from the World Masters

  • In the Bag
    John White carries a demolition toolkit around with him. Here he explains how he uses it ...

  • Matchplay Poster
    Here is the master plan for your game, set out in easy steps  you can even put it on your wall!

  • The English Open
    All the action from Sheffield

  • Kawy is Queen
    Egypt and Omneya Abdel Kawy clean up at the World Junior Championships

  • Amr Shabana 
    Player of the Month
    Amr Shabana took a significant upward step with victory in the Spanish Open, but will he go further? Martin Bronstein asks the question ...

  • PLUS ... the usual
    News, On Court, Rankings, Directory,
    Calendar, Gallery, and more ..


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