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Vulkan, the UK’s leading sports support, has further strengthened its brand portfolio by becoming the sole distributor for Europe’s leading international insole brand – Sorbothane.

The exclusive deal will see Vulkan (part of the Mobilis Healthcare Group) distribute the product throughout Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the former Russian States.

Sorbothane has been manufactured in the UK for over 20 years and has retained a remarkable reputation in the sports and outdoor market for providing genuine and proven protection to the human body in sports, daily life or for specific medical conditions.

Anatomically designed to give optimum support and cushioning whilst remaining comfortable and long lasting, Sorbothane’s molecular structure is unique as it absorbs 94.7% of all shock waves caused by running or walking – no other brand can make this claim.                                                     

The deal will see the two brands being sold side by side in major retailers across the UK.

Vulkan Marketing Manager Fiona Wiseman said: “As a result of this agreement, we have a perfect opportunity to supply Sorbothane products alongside the Vulkan sports support range and offer customers two of the best “supportive” brands in the market. Not only does this increase our product offering to existing customers but will hopefully open up new channels to market and increase opportunities and sales for Vulkan.”

Sorbothane Brand Manager, Mark Harrison said: "The way forward is very exciting for Sorbothane and its retail partners, with real potential to dominate the shock absorbing insole market with aggressive, innovative marketing and new product development in sport, the outdoor and medical ranges"

For more information visit: www.mobilishealthcare.com or www.sorbothane.co.uk