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Running Your League
Squash League Rules (RTF File)
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League Participation Problem

Q. One problem we have at our club is that the number of box league matches that are played is declining and those players that do play leave it to the last minute to arrange matches. Do you have any suggestions?
A. Seymour
A. One thing that The Windsor Club uses is a bonus points system for completing matches. It goes like this:
1. At the half way stage if you have completed one match you get 1 bonus point, for completing two you get 2 bonus points.
2. Additionally if you complete all you matches you get (an additional) 3 bonus points.
The League Manager (club pro) just goes down the bonus point column at the half way stage of the league (this date is notified) and puts in the bonus points, and does it again at the end of the league. Those players who get their games underway earlier are more likely to get them all finished. (There is a perennial problem of opponent availability if you leave it to the last minute to arrange your games and of course courts are scarce).
The Windsor Club points
You get 1 point for turning up, 3 for a win, and 1 for each game won. So points are awarded thus:
Match score  League points
3-0         7-1        
3-1         6-2
3-2         5-3
2 points are available for the halfway bonus
3 points are available for completing all matches.

A league goes for approximately six weeks with six players per-box.
The League boxes with contact numbers are e-mailed out at the start of each league (in an excel spreadsheet) and are also on the noticeboard. Results are entered by players on the noticeboard. Importantly there is also a sheet up for new players to join with columns for Name, Contact details and an estimate of standard.
Ideas: Do you have good ideas on running efficient leagues to contribute. Write to editor at